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    Climbing Mount Olympos

    Hi we are driving to Adrasan on 19th september and planning to do a small amount of the Lycian Way and a day walking/running Mt Olympos. looking at driving up to Beycik and walking from there to the top and back. i reckon its about 20 miles in total and 4500' climbing. anyone had any experience...
  2. U

    Buses from Olympos to Antalya

    Hi, I would like to travel from Olympos to the Otogar in Antalya (at the corner of Dumlupinar Blv and Antalya Blv.) I have found this bus company which has regular buses on this route: .batiantalyatur.net Can someone confirm that these buses will bring me to the Otogar above. My concern is...
  3. myrtle542001


    A fire has destroyed the famous 'tree houses' at Kadir's. It apparently was due to an electrical fault. I believe only part of the 'bull bar' is left. I am sure some of you know of it. It was very popular in the summer & many Australians stayed there as part of a tour around Turkey.
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