1. yalimart

    how to store olives

    Ive got about 3 kilos of chunky black olives from my tree curing at the moment, probably got another 3 weeks to go before they taste ok, im curing them in brine. any tips on how to store them ? got some earlier ones in a brine,wine vinegar solution topped with olive oil at the moment just...
  2. CJD

    getting olives pressed

    We have a small crop of olives that we want to get pressed, last time we went to the press in Zeytinalani but this is now closed, I have heard there is one in Gokova does anyone have directions please, also can you keep all your oil and just pay them for pressing
  3. ceemac

    Curing And Pickling Olives

    It is usually best to prepare Turkish-style olives from mature olives that are dark-red to black. Mission olives are commonly used, but any variety will do. Use smaller olives because larger ones get soft. The olives will become shriveled since they are salt cured. These olives are salty and...
  4. Mushtaq

    British Olives

    I was surprised to see a few olives on my tree in the garden, didn't think they would grow in UK. Stephen and Sarah Nunn are believed to be the first people to sell olives grown in Britain. “We have had them tasted by an Italian olive expert who said they were great and praised the sweet...
  5. Susan


    Has anyone got a recipe for Olives done in herbs and spices, the sort you can buy over in Turkey. Also has anyone got a copy of MTC/Jens recipe for her Easy Apple Jam and Lemon Marmalade, that they could send me or put on the forum, as I cannot find mine. Susan
  6. jcrian

    Olives are picked

    The olives are picked and going to the press today How much oil will we get?? First pic - olives in the bath
  7. jcrian


    Does anyone know if there is a place where you can take your olives to have them pressed and made into olive oil? (Fethiye/Marmaris area) We have two very large trees that seem to have a bumper crop on them and far too many to eat as olives in brine.
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