1. N

    Olive oil

    I’m planning to go to sirence to buy some of their famous olive oul But are all the olive oils in sirnce genuine and pure Does anyone know a tried and tested genuine sirnce olive oil brand
  2. suzyq

    1/2 litre of olive oil 22,000 lira

    Half a liter of olive oil produced from a 1,800-year-old olive tree sold for 22,000 Turkish lira ($6,046) in the ancient city of Teos in Izmir's Seferihisar district in western Turkey. Şah Tuğrul, the buyer, stated that he intended to support the work to value and protect ancient trees and...
  3. F

    Info on olive gardens please

    We are in the process of buying an apartment on Olive gardens, I have a couple of questions. 1, is there a maintenance company/ caretaker on site who have reliable cleaners ? 2, what happened to the shop and is there any plans for a new one? 3, when does the pool get emptied and when does...
  4. christella

    the family olive gardens

    the family have left olive gardens they will be sadly missed
  5. M

    Olive Grove Village Marmaris

    Hi Does anyone have any further update/news on the Tapu situation in Olive Grove Village, Beldibi? Any information much appreciated. Thanks Margaret
  6. Tommie

    Olive Festival - Didim

    Does anyone know anything about the Didim Olive Festival as there seems to be some sort of celebration near the top of the Boulevard?
  7. christella

    phase 1 olive gardens Akbuk

    this is an email I had today
  8. altinkumforum

    Is there any resale at olive gardens?

    Do you know any resale at olive gardens complex please? If so could you please pm me? kind regards
  9. M

    Olive Grove Village - Beldibi,Marmaris - **Urgent

    Do you have a property in Olive Grove Village, do you have your TAPU? After 6 years I still do not have my TAPU - do you know what is happening with Sabhat? My solicitor tells me things are now coming to a head - he wants 9000TL to enable us to sue - is this a wise move? Any help/ advice most...
  10. J

    Olive Grove Village - Sahabat

    Hi everyone. I am posting this on behalf of and for my family who purchased a property from Sabahat Cumbel a few years ago in Belek. Since then she ceased development, disappeared and it's all going to court to be sorted etc at the moment. The reason I post this is because there may be others...
  11. christella

    electric at olive gardens

    email i have just received Hi folks The electric meters have now been changed it costs 730tl with earthquake insurance or 830tl without,that includes registering with aydem. they will not leave the electric on so if you arrive at night no lights...
  12. A

    Olive Farm in Resadiye

    Some 10 years ago in Datca I met an American by the name of Richard Rosenberg. We conversed about his love of Datca and he told me about his olive farm and orange orchards. I visited the farm and bought couple of bottles of olive oil. Some 4 years ago I visited Datca and heard he has left the...
  13. christella

    electric @ olive gardens akbuk

    just been told we are coming off builders rate and having to buy a new meter some of us have got the new meter with the T1 T2 T3 i dont know if we can keep these but i expect alot of you have been through this any tips would be good thanks
  14. christella

    the family at olive gardens

    phase 3 have decided to have their own commite and will not allow the family on site (caretakers) they are not liked by a few somebody has complained on phase 1 about them useing the pool so they have been banned from the pool i am disgusted they are loverly people, turkish that can be trusted...
  15. christella

    bad news at olive gardens akbuk

    up to now there has been 13 owners who made their balcony into a room have been told to take them down it is reported somebody complained to the mayor and now most of them have been taken down
  16. S

    Topiary Olive Trees

    Does anybody know anything about the gorgeous topiary olive trees on the Datca to Marmaris road? We have pulled in on numerous occasions but have never found anybody there to ask and have no idea whether they are actually for sale and if so, what sort of price they go for.
  17. V

    Olive oil

    I have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil which smells a bit odd. I cooked with it last night and while there was a smell while cooking it didn't taint the food, the expiry date is 2013. Just wanted to know how to tell if it is rancid and how long it should last once opened.... I've had it for...
  18. E

    A question to Olive City

    One of the places where I`ve considered buying an appartment is Olive City. From what I´ve seen online it certainly seems like a huge complex. I know it has it`s own shops and restaurants, but I don`t like to be contained to them. When we move to Alanya we are not planning on driving any more...
  19. shirleyanntr

    fresh olive meze

    if you like fresh green olives with a bit of zing then try this meze from Antakya. You need fresh green olives..or if they have been in brine wash them well.. Stone them and cut them in halves and quarters finely chop a long red pepper finely chop a skinned tom add olive oil nar ekşisi pul...
  20. O

    2 bedroom holiday apartment to rent Olive Village, Akbuk!

    Hello :), We have a 2 bedroom apartment on Olive Village, with one double bedroom and a twin room. There are also two sofa beds in the living area. There is a microwave, hob and grill in the kitchen. The apartment has a large, private roof terrace with all-round idealic views of Akbuk bay and...
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