1. kemerkid

    Rip offs in Turkey.

    I do get so depressed when most of what I read in here is people complaining about getting ripped off left right and centre. It makes me feel as though I haven't travelled to most of the places that I have visited at all. Of course I have been asked some silly prices in some of the markets but...
  2. D

    the rip offs about buying in didim??

    i have bought property here in Turkey but in a non tourist city and came out of it with a very positive outcome but i am getting comments about the rip offs that are a regular occurence when buying in a place like Didim--without great long detail what are the general scams--i am buying with...
  3. maggie

    Water cut offs.

    Well here we go again Tourist season started and we have water cut offs. Ozanadolu have had no water since 4pm yesterday and we have had hardly any since last night. Nik has just driven past Gullkent and they have all their water sprinklers going at full blast. Quess we will all be going down...
  4. K

    Water cut offs in Dalyan

    The Dalyan Belediye, in all its wisdom, has come up with a new way of informing people who are even just a bit late in paying their waterbill. They leave a notice on the meter - and turn off the water. They don't cut it off, just turn it off at the outside tap. If you are having a shower at...
  5. A

    beware the rip offs

    why does this builder keep asking for maintainance monies when the site (AFTER YEARS OF PROMISES) still is not finished they hold thier hands out for electricity money (dont have a problem with that)but ask them for a reciept and a proper contract and they disapear like a rat up a drainpipe...
  6. saffie

    Rip offs in Bulgaria too

    I know some people were expressing an interest in buying property in Bulgaria a while back. Just to warn members to be on the alert,as there are many,many rip offs over there too.( My own son has lost his investment in this exact same way, though not on this particular development) Britons...
  7. jane2005

    No more rip offs for foreign investors?

    Seen this article in Today's Zaman, makes for interesting reading.
  8. R

    Price increases or Rip offs

    Having just returned from the Bodrum area it is a hard fact that people presently buying to furnish there Apts , houses etc are paying highly inflated prices compared to what was being charged Feb / March this year A few examples. 3 seater + 2 single seater for lounge: Feb price 1450 Euro ...
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