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    Urgent: legal advice on off-plan project

    Hi all, I need an urgent advice: I am planning to invest in an off-plan project (completion date is end of this year). I have seen the project and it is already quite advanced. All the documents are fine but there is still an issue with the contract: This is what was agreed with the...
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    New Draft Law - Re: Buying off-Plan

    It'll be interesting to see if & where this new proposal will go & how the powers that be are going to enforce the proposed regulations........... New draft about buying in turkey
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    off-plan house purchase - never built but sold many times

    a friend of mine sister bought a house in kusadasi 2 years ago for around €140000 from the plans. This was done in ireland. When she went to kusadasi to look at house there was nothing their as it was not built yet. Now she have discovered that the same house was also sold to someone else, but...
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    Offplan or resales

    For me New Off Plan never come in the equation !! Expat forums members are probably thinking whats the old boy on about ? Well lets look at the way they sell off plan ? They show you this pretty drawn picture which 9 times out of 10 has lovely green grass all around , a swish car in the...
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    Buying off-plan Barfa Sim?

    Hi Guys have recently joind forum as Hubby and I are looking for a property have spent sometime on forum which has been really informative and helpful.We are considering buying an off plan Villa on a self contained complex being built by Barfa-Sim called Oasis near Yavikilak (oops not sure spelt...
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    Offplan Property

    At what point do you actually own the property you are purchasing? Particulary if it is offplan. If you have paid in full and have the keys but can't get the TAPU registered in your name for a few months, who legally owns the property? I have read lots of posts where people are living in the...
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