1. pepperkat

    FIFA officials arrested

    It's just been announced that six FIFA officials have been arrested on corruption charges. Is Sepp Blatter going to get his long overdue come uppance?
  2. teosgirl

    More wise words from AKP officials

    POLITICS - Unwed couples against our faith, says Turkish deputy PM The deputy prime minister said married life protected people from a series of terrible things. “Sadly the cause behind many bad things and illnesses is a stance against [marriage].” Charlotte
  3. Lyndsey

    Anything to declare? Airport officials find drugged tiger cub suitcase.

    At first glance it looked to airport officials like just another stuffed toy in a suitcase. But on closer inspection, the tiny tiger cub was found to be real and alive but unconscious after it was drugged. Shocked police then arrested the woman owner of the luggage at Suvarnabhumi Airport in...
  4. D

    VISA changes REVERSED!

    New Turkish visa regulations to be reversed · Kalkan Turkey · Kalkan Weather · Kalkan Information · Kalkan Map · Kalkan Turkish Local News Latest news on the visa change! It has all seemingly been reversed in the last two days - du to Camerson's visit? Anyway, sorry moderator, I have...
  5. newhorizon

    Israeli immigration officials copied British passports used by hit squad

    Israeli immigration officials at Tel Aviv airport secretly copied the British passports which were then used by the hit squad which assassinated a leading Hamas official, ministers have been told. Read here:- Israeli immigration officials copied British passports used by hit squad, ministers...
  6. ceemac

    Fighting Between Turkish And US Officials

    Turkey bullying the smaller nations again eh :lol: 'A fight broke out between high-ranking US and Turkish officials at a meeting held between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Qatar.' Here C
  7. T

    corruption of officials

    Hi everyone, tried once but doesn't look like thread has gone through. OK. i know it's an old post, but i don't suppose any one can help with the name of the body of investigaters who has been investigating the corruption of officials in the Bodrum area, plus a contact number if possible...
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