1. mollag

    Official Secrets.

    Like a few other posters, I have been obliged to append my signature to the Official Secrets Act. I am sure I was told that the Act applies to everyone, and causing you to sign was just to bring your attention to the fact that it applied to you. My recollection may be wrong in this...
  2. N

    Official translator

    What is the standard fee for official translator at the tapu office to oversee the transfer of tapu And do i as a yabanci have to have one as i have a turkish fried who can help
  3. bickern

    Turkey is the centre of the Earth: Official.

    Google marks Turkey’s Çorum as center of the Earth. Google Maps has delighted many in Turkey by marking the Central Anatolian province of Çorum as the geographical center of the surface of the earth. The search engine company stated that the geographical center of all land surfaces on earth...
  4. Firefox

    Turkish Official EU Lingo

    Way to go Turkey, Just a matter of time before EU integration, Fury as Turkish is made an 'official EU language' | World | News | Daily Express
  5. S

    Its official! Cops really are w****rs!!!!
  6. beyazbayan

    More official lunacy

    Elf 'n' safety brigade call in police after grandad tidies up brambles on footpath Read more: Elf 'n' safety brigade call in police after grandad tidies up brambles on footpath | Mail Online And just how much will this farce cost the tax payer İ ask. These boys could teach the Turks how to...
  7. T

    Official paper for transferring bank signatories

    Dear members We have recently taken over as managers of our apartment block and as so often happens have received no help at all from the turkish man who previously occupied this position. We have been to the bank to take his name off the account for the apartment block, complete with a copy...

    E visas - Official Update on Obtaining one

    Announced this afternoon by Uk in Turkey. Click on the arrow in the bottom middle of page to scroll down the page. ISSUU - Update on e-visas by ukinturkey ukinturkey
  9. P

    Official Translator.

    HI. A friend of mine is selling his house. He has been told he needs a translator present. Is there an official translator at the Bodrum Tapu office or does he need to bring his own. Thanks, Mary
  10. Sunny Seasider

    It's Official, the UK is out of Recession!

    ""The Olympic Games delivered a final medal for Britain today when it was confirmed that strong ticket sales helped the UK exit the longest double-dip recession since the Second World War. In its first estimate of how the economy performed in the third quarter of 2012, the Office for National...
  11. P

    Setting up official site management

    Hi with 2 colleagues on an unofficial owners committee, I run a small complex of villas and apartments on the Bodrum Penninsula that is still being built out. We took over a few years ago when the developer and builder went bust and we are finishing off the build and running the maintenance...
  12. D

    Official Yalıkavak Marina (Palmarina) opening

    As far as I'm aware, the new Yalıkavak marina will hold an official opening on the 9th June 2012. Will try to find out more details... Dave.
  13. CJD

    Visa changes are official

    The british embassy have confirmed this morning that the new visa law comes into effect tomorrow, nice of them to give so much notice!!! Changes to Tourist Visas for British Nationals Since 2010, Turkish visit visas issued at arrival ports state that they are valid for multiple stays up to a...
  14. gizmo

    Gaza Premier in Turkey, in First Official Trip Abroad
  15. icebern09

    Its Official..

    Im old :boohoo: just bought my first pair of support stockings :boohoo: They look awful, I have legs the same as I remember my Nan having, and to make matters worse.....they work :high5: so they wont be the last time I buy them. Bless him, Hubby gave a wolf whistle when I showed them to...
  16. luckycat68

    Official Opening Night Party

    Sat 1st May we will be holding an opening night for the newly refurbished Morgul Antik Restaurant in Yalikavak village -- kick off around 7. 30 til late . ALL VERY WELCOME :yipee:
  17. ceemac

    Official British Press Trip to Northern Cyprus a success

    Seda Consulting is delighted at the positive response from the British media following an organised trip to North Cyprus on behalf of The North Cyprus Developers Association and Property Sun Turkey Limited. The trip was organised to highlight the beauty and diversity that North Cyprus offers...
  18. ceemac

    Europe Now Backs Official Turkish Homophobia?

    To suit the Turkish government’s intolerance for gay people, the Council of Europe has changed its declaration of children’s rights to allow state discrimination that puts lives at risk. The threats the council was trying to eliminate just grew bigger. Here C
  19. juco

    Official picture of London bombers! Mmm

    Your thoughts on this! The official picture that was released of the underground London bombers from an apparent CCTV video clip.......... 7/7 RippleEffect
  20. ceemac

    German Official Slams Turks

    A top official at the German Bundesbank is under police investigation after giving vent to a wild outburst against Berlin's Muslim population, resorting to language reminiscent of Nazi race theory. Here C
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