1. E

    new law that carries big fines from offices to apartments with concierge,

    A new law that is being sneaked in that carries fines for business owners to apartment caretakers . latest regulation in the Occupational Health ad Safety Law as of july 1 2020. I only put it on because will big complex fall under this...
  2. teosgirl

    HDP offices and Kurdish businesses attacked throughout Turkey

    HDP offices violently attacked in several anti-terrorism protests - LOCAL Alanya is mentioned. From the pictures I've seen, especially Balikesir and Kirsehir, things have become pretty violent. Charlotte
  3. suzyq

    debt collection offices bribery under spotlight as job applications fall

    After 75 percent of officials working in the state's debt collection offices were removed from their positions following a much complained about bribery problem, the number of job applications with debt collection offices has fallen drastically. After a justice commission set up by an İstanbul...
  4. H

    Didim council offices opening hours

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me the Didim Council Offices opening hours, please. Many thanks. Hilary
  5. teresa

    Consular offices closed for training

    All UK Consular Offices in Turkey will be closed from lunchtime on Monday 28th November 2011 - Wednesday 30 November for staff training.
  6. E

    How late exchange offices stay open in Alanya?

    Can someone please tell me how late "dovis" stay open in Alanya or Antalya? We'll be arriving late evening.....I was planning on exchanging money at the Istanbul airport immediately upon arrival n b4 connecting but been told to avoid airport exchange rates since they are quite high. Thank you. edy
  7. P

    Mulga Education Offices - Information needed

    Hi there - does anyone know the address for the main education offices for primary school registration. I visited the Mehmet Danaci Primary school in Bitez Village yesterday and they have provided me with the name of the form but with my 'littlle' Turkish and the Headteacher's 'little' English...
  8. ceemac

    Turkish Expats Storm Bulgaria Passport Offices

    Thousand of emigrants have arrived from Turkey on a 4-day trip to Bulgaria's southern city of Kardzhali with the goal to renew their Bulgarian ID documents. Here C
  9. ceemac

    Turkey’s Land Registry to open representation offices abroad

    This has to be given a cautious welcome I think. 'Turkey’s Land Registry General Directorate will be able to open new branches in European countries if a bill recently prepared by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement passes in Parliament.' The article also states, "They will also...
  10. T

    Times of Year Offices closed

    Hiya everyone, We are on our travels soon :16vf: and as a lot of others we are hoping to get out Hab Cert and possibly (although not going to get too excited yet about this one)our Tapu changed over to Mulk what ever it is called thingy. and I was just wondering what times of the year would be...
  11. P

    List of Important offices

    Forgive me if this sounds like nonsense but after reading about of the various problems that people experience when trying to resolve issues with buying a property, or even the ongoing ownership of a property, that usually the only point of contact will be the emlak or agent from which they made...
  12. B

    Tapu offices closed all next week?

    Hi all, I travelled out in June this year to finally get the Tapu for our villa. Unfortunately, the suspension of the law allowing foreigners to buy property scuppered this and I came home empty handed! I arranged to travel out next week to finally complete the title deed transfer and again...
  13. P

    Bodrum Garden Homes moved offices

    Hi all, just had a mail from Gail and Martyn from the ever reliable Bodrum Garden Homes to say they have just moved from the increasingly expensive Oasis Centre. They are now at Absat Sokak, No 19, Gumbet. Phone number should remain the same but if in doubt use thier mobile (0090) 544 821 0168.
  14. S

    Land registry offices?

    Can anyone tell me where the land registry offices are in Bodrum? Thanks Sara
  15. R

    Local Council Offices and Shops Opening ?

    Shops and Banks Opening Hours? Hello Can anyone tell me what times the banks, local council offices and shops ( average times)normally open and close please in Akbuk and Altinkum? I know places shut on the 31st for the Bayram holiday, so upto this date please. Thanks Rachel.
  16. B

    Semtours Offices?

    Does anyone know where the offices of Semtours are in Altinkum? Are they near Gima or Migos? Thanks in advance. Mel & Anne. (Beachhhhhhh)
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