1. S

    Tapu office

    Tapu office Hi, can anyone tell me where the tapu office for the Tuzla area is located. Thanks
  2. L

    Tax Office in Istanbul?

    Hello! Does anyone know where is the tax office in Istanbul to pay the RP fee? I'm not sure how it's called in Turkish or where to find it. And, to pay it, do I need to do anything other than come with my application information and passport and cash? I was foolish and had someone help me with...
  3. Mushtaq

    Didim - Tapu office

    A friend needs to check out status of a TAPU at the Didim office. Can anyone recommend a company or an individual to visit the Didim Tapu office and make an inquiry?
  4. juco

    Open office (microsoft)

    What would be the best `open office` programme to download. Its for my wifes laptop (win10) It has to be a suite (word and excel) she can use offline and one that would be compatible between win 10,win7 and xp. And has to be free.
  5. E

    Looking office space to rent

    Any of you guys, point me in the right direction of who would rent officespace Doesn't need to be a large office space, enough for 2 people to work in daily. Preferably in yalikavak Please and thanks
  6. S

    Population office address in Alanya.

    What is the Turkish word for population office to get the no to be able to sell my Apartment. Where the tosmur beledesi moved to? I need an honest translator to help me to sort out few thing in Alanya. I Appriciate if you know someone. Also how much they charge . Thanks
  7. S

    Population office address in Alanya.

    Could you please give the address in Alanya. I have an Apartment in Tosmur. Where I can register with population office to get the number so that I could be able to sell.
  8. suecheshireuk

    Turkish airlines office Fethiye ?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a Turkish airline office in Fethiye anywhere? I know they have agents around and about, but we have been told to claim our refund, we have to take our passports into their office, and according to their website Istanbul is the closest, or maybe I'm missing...
  9. S

    Kusadasi Customs Office Advice Required

    Just a bit of background, I entered Turkey with my car end of June 2017. And on arrival I was given 3 month Insurance. I have a 2yr residency permit, and am given to understand I am allowed to keep my car here for up to 2 yrs. My questions are, do I simply go to my insurance broker and arrange...
  10. B

    Help to contact residents permit office Mugla.

    Can anyone out there please help me, I applied for my two year residency permit two months ago now, and have a flight booked for the 30th of this month back to the UK if my permit is not back by then I can only stay there for 14 days I believe. I have been unable to find any phone numbers for...
  11. W

    Turkish home office estate agent

    Hi everyone. I'm coming over to Didim on Sat to view some apartments. I have been in contact with the above mentioned and wondered if anyone else on here has had any dealings with them good or bad. Thank you
  12. juco

    Post office going on strike for 5 days

    Crown post offices are apparently going on strike from the 19th for 5 days. So get you posting done before then. About time to as the post office treat their staff like s...! Profit driven and no moral standards.
  13. K

    Foreign & Commonwealth Office updates for Turkey

    Issued 29th October 29-10-2016 21:12 PM GMT Latest Update: Summary - On 29 October, the US Department of State ordered the departure of family members of employees posted to the US Consulate General in Istanbul due to security information indicating extremist groups continue aggressive efforts...
  14. C

    Nufus Office, Bodrum

    Has the Nufus Office in Bodrum moved from near the bus station? Thanks for your help.
  15. A

    Address for Turkish Tax Office in Ankara

    Hi Could anybody advise what the address is for the Turkish Tax Office in Ankara regarding personal and business tax matters Thank you
  16. yalimart

    Digiturk Office in Turgutreis or Bodrum

    Any one know where the main Digiturk office is in Turgutreis or Bodrum, where you can return your box to cancel your contract, has to be a main office, I know the Bodrum one was beside the HSBC but I think it has moved. Martin
  17. suzyq

    Home Office Failed Border Scheme

    The Home Office has been criticised for failing to complete a project to boost UK border security - despite spending at least £830 million on it. The e-borders scheme was meant to collect and analyse data on everyone travelling to and from the UK before they arrive at ports and airports. But...
  18. oldfogy

    MS Office Language speller

    I'm running Windows XP with MS Office 2000. I am trying to get Words spell checker to recognise and also use a Turkish dictionary for when checking documents typed in Turkish. I highlight the turkish text as being recognised as being turkish in the language setup. I have installed and tried...
  19. S

    Where is office for Anadolu Sigorta in Marmaris?

    Could someone please confirm where the office for Anadolu Sigorta is,and simple directions thanks (Marmaris)
  20. E

    2 armed people enter Turkey ruling party office in Istanbul

    Two armed people enter Turkish ruling party office in Istanbul: media | Reuters What's going on
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