1. Camden

    Hong Kong UK citizenship offer.

    The UK could offer British National (Overseas) passport holders in Hong Kong a path to UK citizenship If China does not suspend plans for a security law in the territory, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says. There are 300,000 BNO passport holders in Hong Kong...
  2. bickern

    OnlineTV 13 free offer

    6 days left on this offer. (you don't need to give real email and you can decline to have the hub autostart) With OnlineTV 13, you can receive over 130 TV programs from 14 different countries in 7 different languages! Stream English- and foreign-language TV programs from the Internet directly...
  3. S

    Bank Interest Rate Offer

    Just a quickie. I am going to leave the HSBC and take my balance to another Turkish bank. They are simply not doing enough to keep their loyal customers in my opinion. The best I can get from them for 100000TL is 20% ( they are offering 27.5% for new customers). I am interested in hearing about...
  4. A

    Aydem Offer

    Hello. I notice that Aydem has a 65Tl per month package for phone and internet. I know the internet will still be TTNett but has anyone tried this offer?
  5. 5

    bristol flight offer

    flight available from Bristol to bodrum Tuesday april 14th return Tuesday 21st april 2 seats and 1 hold suitcase name change required any reasonable offer considered
  6. Sweetnighter

    Turkey Flight Offer

    Thomas Cook Flights - Fly Thomas Cook Airlines .......every little helps.
  7. stepwolf

    teeth whitening offer for oap's

    hi guys, just a heads up incase anyone missied the offer. boots in Glasgow is offering a free teeth whitening service for ex pats world wide. best of all is its.....freepost! BOTH WAYS!
  8. beyazbayan

    Health İns great offer

    Got this from my insurance man today he is first class H?zl? Resim yükle, internette payla? | resim upload | bedava resim
  9. yalimart

    Asda tablet offer

    Asda have got some offers on tablets at the moment, and you can combine 2 on the samsung. I was looking at the 8" Galaxy tab 3 this morning on John Lewis, it was £199, they give £50 worth of JL vouchers as their offer, I was tempted until I realised it was out of stock Then when I got home...
  10. Housemartins

    Pegasus 50% offer!!!!!!!!

    Hi folks, many of you may have seen todays latest offer from Pegasus. Take your loved one on a flight get 50% off the 2nd person. Well I have just booked my flight for me and my loved one from TRNC to Turkey, so an international flight which is one of the criteria and guess what NO discount at...
  11. beyazbayan

    Special offer last few days

    İ am offering shares in a new venture which will be called A:R:K: a small deposit of say 100 tl will guarantee you a place on the board of this new venture would prefer cash but cheques and credit cards taken make cheques payable to Mafeeainc. İ feel sure people in the Med area will rush to...
  12. V

    Job Offer: Native Speaker of English Needed

    Hi all, Is there anyone who would like work as native speaker in our language school in Antalya city center? If there's anyone interested, please pm.
  13. P

    Car hire offer

    Hi Guys, One of our cars hasnt fully booked for june so there is a special offer. Its an economy car fiat albea 1.4 petrol, fully air conditioned, fully insured, airbag, abs etc. any bookings for june is £18.99 per day. please pm me for futher details. kind regards p.s: minimum rental is 4 days
  14. mamish

    Lexmark printer on offer

    I have a Lexmark S305 wireless printer that I brought with me from the UK a few months ago. It wasn't new and it has stopped working with a "printhead not supported" error. I have tried everything suggested to get it working, short of getting a new printhead which is too expensive to bother...
  15. C

    Sofıs End Of Season Specıal Offer

    Sofıs would lıke to thank theır customers and frıends for theır contınued support throughout the 2012 summer season. We are now offerıng our 3 course Specıal Menu avaılable all day and evenıng untıll the end of Season..Choıce of 3 x 3 Course set menus at 25TL per person. Also normal menu...
  16. Tommie

    Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

    Has anyone considered upgrading to Windows 8? It's something that I am unlikely to do as soon as it's launched, however, for the ambitious (or foolish), Microsoft are offering an upgrade to Window 8 Pro for $40 USD. For more details, follow this link Windows 8 Upgrade There is free...
  17. C

    Special offer -Turunc apartment - Late availability

    If you are looking for a last minute chill out, due to unforeseen circumstances we have some availability for the next 5 weeks. We have reduced the price for this period to £195 per week. We also have one week left in August, and availability in October. It is a delightful 2 bedroom...
  18. awaqac

    Avea offer

    For those who has a landline you can talk to any direction (all mobiles/home/work) 1000 mins, plus en extra 1000mins only to landlines for 19TL. you need to sign a 12 month contract with avea to use this offer. As long as I know it doesnt cover any SMS or internet usage, it's only for phone calls.
  19. V

    ADSL Offer

    Anyone on the TTNet unilimited 55TL a month package can get it reduced to 39.90TL a month for the next year if they agree to stay with them for 2 years. Bottom line is a saving of over 180TL over the next 12 months for the same package as you're already on! The price for the 2nd year is 59TL a...
  20. Z

    ATTENTION all Owners......Informal Offer Made

    Emails sent to all members
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