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    "safe" buying "off plan"

    A couple of years ago I was offered an "off plan" bargain in Antalya. The builder would sell a minimum of four apartments at a knockdown price because of their cash flow problems. I am sure you have seen the catch. If he has financial problems, the risk of him failing to deliver in even...
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    Best appartment property buy in Altinkum ?

    Me and my friend have been recently looking at some two bed "off plan" complexes in Altinkum ranging from 30k to 45k. The companies are The Right Move Abroad, Didum Sun and Oracle, who are all members of APP. We were told by all companies, these properties would go up by about 12% per annum...
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    Buying "Off Plan"

    Hello This is our first posting on the forum. First we should explain that we are looking into making our first property purchase abroad and have chosen Turkey. We are very tempeted in buying off plan because of the obvious potential for financial gain. We would very much like to hear from...
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