1. teosgirl

    Better odds than winning the lottery?

    BBC News - Nasa refines satellite crash time Scary, should they be forced to act more responsibly with space junk/waste? As Brits we're forced to recycle and take care of our trash, but it seems the space agency are free to take calculated risks with human life during the disposal of space...
  2. arrian

    bookies slash odds on England

    WORLD CUP 2010: England scrape through (but it's the Germans next...) | Mail Online
  3. ted j

    Whats the odds

    Whats the odds all 4 dont get sent down, 100,000-1.BBC News - Public outrage feared over MPs' defence on expenses
  4. zozatky

    Victory even with the odds against us.

    Today we have finally got in our hot little hands the Tapu for some property we purchased some 6 years ago. Ita a very long story and I wont bore you with the details. Suffice to say it involved a crooked emlak a German fraudster & a solicitor who didnt know is A....from is Elbow. We have only...
  5. ceemac

    Don't Pay Over The Odds For Beer

    'After a hard days 'work' there’s nothing better than settling down with a bottle of amber nectar. Don’t Pay Over the Odds for Beer - Fethiye Times This article is from the Fethiye Times and obviously refers to a cash and carry there but I would imagine it's the same across the south of the...
  6. merlin

    Turkey long odds to make World Cup....

    NTV Turkey’s high injury count took its toll, with many established players unable to take the field. Turkey will be behind the eight ball when it goes into its match against Switzerland Wednesday night in Istanbul to decide who will take one of the final spots in next year’s World Cup in...
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