1. A89

    joiner / odd job man??

    Does anyone know a joiner or reliable odd job man in Alanya please? At the moment I need my skirting board coving stuff replacing. But would be great to know someone who can do other odd jobs. alison
  2. mollag

    Odd postmark!

    Recieved this recently, no sender ID but i could just make out an Uzumlu postmark, any ideas who the sender could be? :dooh:
  3. bickern

    Quincy, M.E and The Odd Couple star Jack Klugman dies aged 90

    RIP Jack, you gave many years of true entertainment. Quincy, M.E and The Odd Couple star Jack Klugman dies aged 90 | Mail Online
  4. giglets

    The Odd Tipples All Add Up

    Ring any bells? BBC News - Baby boomer alcohol harm 'more likely than in young'
  5. Minajayne

    My odd day....!

    What a funny day i had yesterday…thought I’d share this with you as I’m still chuckling now. A couple of days ago my boys (3 and 4) were outside playing footie with their Dad, and made friends with a little Turkish boy (about 4) who is visiting family over the school hols. Yesterday morning I...
  6. J

    Just an odd query

    Just wondered if anybody can help me - this cold weather is having a strange effect on me I think!! Too cold to go out so sat in the house thinking - dangerous!! Whenever we drive through Guvercinlik, we see a house on the right-hand side (leaving Bodrum if you will), we see a house set up...
  7. arrian

    odd british laws

    800 years of odd laws - Telegraph
  8. E

    Can anyone recommend an 'odd job' builder/tiler in Altinkum

    Our top floor apartment has a large space in the side wall off the terrace, around 2m wide by 6m long. I've seen other similar spaces that have had a door put into the terrace wall so this area can be tiled and used for storage. We got a quote from the apartment builders, they wanted £5,000...
  9. C

    Odd Job Man

    I will be in Turgutreis for the whole of the summer season any one wanting odd jobs doing please let me know
  10. D

    Odd Jobs - Yalikavak

    We would like to replace our table with a breakfast bar. Does anyone know a good handyman who isn't going to charge a fortune. Jolo
  11. K

    Cleaner & odd job man

    If anyone is looking for a cleaner and odd job man around the Tuzla,area, there is a very trustworthy and reliable guy called Fatih . His English is perfect and will help you out with just about anything. K'la
  12. G

    Some odd facts........

    These are interesting... Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May and still smelled pretty good by June. However, they were starting to smell, so brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odour. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when...
  13. Lindacm

    Painter & Odd Job Man

    Just thought I would mention a very nice man that my friend and I have used for work around the house and outside. We hear on the forum about bad workmanship or rip offs I thought I would post a very positive thread. The workman in question charges very reasonable rates and is good at what he...
  14. O

    Odd Job Man

    Bryan Just to let you know we have a apartment on Hillside Gardens near Yalikavak. We will be hoping to talk to people who will be staying in the same area, and hope to share some tips with them. That's it for now, Bryan.
  15. Andy

    Funny Odd signs

    A collection of signs that could be taken two ways Sign in a Laundromat: AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINES:PLEASE REMOVE ALL YOUR CLOTHES WHEN THE LIGHT GOES OUT Sign in a London department store: BARGAIN BASEMENT UPSTAIRS In an office: WOULD THE PERSON WHO TOOK THE STEP LADDER YESTERDAY PLEASE...
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