1. A

    Obtaining a fraudulent divorce in Turkey

    Dear all Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the practice I am about to describe A Turkish national marries in Turkey a UK national in a sham marriage for the purpose of enabling the Turkish national to gain entry to live and work in the UK. The Turkish national enters the UK and...

    E visas - Official Update on Obtaining one

    Announced this afternoon by Uk in Turkey. Click on the arrow in the bottom middle of page to scroll down the page. ISSUU - Update on e-visas by ukinturkey ukinturkey
  3. S

    Obtaining a sim card in turkey

    Hello everyone I hope u all had a good day today.. I will be in Alanya next month july 12th , and I was wandering about buying an sim card for my mobile phone. And will it be easier purchasing a sim card from the uk rather that turkey. Thank u
  4. L

    Obtaining a Turkish Kimlik

    Hi everyone I've read so many different stories of how people have obtained their turkish citizenship (t.c kimlik). i.e either from marrying a turk. but haven't known anyone who has got it from being on a residence permit. as a single foreigner (without marrying a turk). If so please could...
  5. T

    Advice needed on obtaining a TEFL cert

    Hello all, I'm in need of obtaining a TEFL certification for my current job so I may get my work permit. Any suggestions on the best and most affordable way to do so. Also I'd like to get the certification as quick as possible so I can get my permit in process ASAP. Thanks in advance for...
  6. K

    Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception?

    Is there such an offence, under the criminal law in Turkey, of "obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception" or similar? If there is how would someone go about requesting an investigation of situations involving, potentially, this offence having been committed? Thinking of the people who have...
  7. perfect1949

    all you need to know about obtaining a Turkish driving licence

    for those considering obtaining a Turkish driving license here is all you need to know . dave Obtaining a Turkish Driving license
  8. Q

    Obtaining a laptop with a standard keyboard

    My four-year old laptop is literally falling apart—the screen's pulling away, a hinge is coming off, and it no longer closes. So while I ought to get a new laptop, the problem is that in Turkey, laptops are generally going to come with Turkish keyboards. While I sometimes need to type Turkish...
  9. G

    Obtaining a duplicate habitation cert?

    Anyone know how to get hold of a copy of the habitation certificate in the Bodrum area? We know it has been issued from the tapu, but have not been given the document. Thanks to anyone who can help
  10. U

    Obtaining a Residence Permit

    Does anyone know the list of different, and what order, offices one has to go to for obtaining an RP ?
  11. G

    legal requirements are for obtaining a TAPU

    Re: Tapu Delays in Altinkum still ? Can anyone tell me what the legal requirements are for obtaining a TAPU. Is it a legal requirement that the TAPU for a purchaser can only be obtained by the builder/estate agent or is that just an agreement by the builder/estate agent.
  12. G

    Obtaining A Tax ID In Istanbul

    Hello, As I will be in Istanbul soon and I wonder what are the tax offices addresses in Istanbul in order to obtain the tax ID required for opening the bank accounts. Please let me know if you have any ideas in this regard on how to obtain them or know a web page which contains the information...
  13. P

    Obtaining & Cost Of Medicines in Turkey

    Hi we are an english couple wanting to live in Turkey,my husband had a kidney transplant 5yrs ago and is doing very well.Can anyone tell us the address or e/mail for a pharmacy where we can find the cost`s of the medicines he requires.We are looking to live in the Marmaris - Icmeler area. Many...
  14. B

    Obtaining a tax number

    Going over to Bodrum in two weeks time to take over our villa(at last) i realise i need to open a bank account and need a tax number to do so. Does anyone know where the tax office is in Bodrum? What do i need to take with me, and do you just turn up ? Any help given would be much appreciated. Bez
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