1. teosgirl

    Foreign landlords, tax obligations.

    Foreign landlords in Turkey must file taxes by March 25 - ECONOMICS Charlotte
  2. T

    The modals of obligations in Turkish can be grouped in two category :

    The modals of obligations in Turkish can be grouped in two category : 1) Lexical obligation Gerek: Gerek is one of the oldest existing modal in Turkish. Old forms were ‘kergek, kergeksiz, ne kergek ” in both verb and adjective forms. Mutfağa bir masa gerekiyor. ----> The kitchen needs a...
  3. suzyq

    Code of Obligations: Law to radically change country

    The long-awaited amendments to update the old-fashioned Code of Obligations, which has been in operation since 1926, and the Turkish Trade Act, are more likely than ever to be passed as political parties in the Turkish Parliament have committed to full cooperation. The new laws will introduce...
  4. E

    Developers obligations

    Hi Can anyone advise on the time span which a developer has to stand over property built and various building snags . I have heard varying times for eaxmple 3 years 5 years but can't find any legislation as yet so if anyone knows I would appreicate it. Thanks
  5. immac

    Law of Obligations

    My local free newspaper (Land of Lights), is reporting details of the Law of Obligations, giving new rights to tenants in long term rental accommodation. It is not clear on a few points and I wonder if anyone has more information? Is it now law? If not, when is it to become law? The rental can...
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