1. R

    Oasis Tennis court 🎾

    Hi , does anybody on here live on Oasis (Kaya) that can answer weather people can rent the tennis court you have please. I only live two blocks away and have heard this rumour along the grape vine . Any info would be appreciated , cheers🎾😀
  2. G

    Thursdays at The green oasis cafe

    In case there is anybody who doesnt know! Thursdays are when we all expats meet up in Gazipasa and have a drink and chat and have a laugh together. Everyone is welcome!:clap:
  3. G

    The green oasis in gazipasa

    Just to let all our friends and customers know the change of website adresses. The cafe is now the-green-oasis-cafe dot tk The real estate site is now gazipasa-realestate dot tk And our online shop is now konradshopping dot tk/old Sorry for the inconvienience but the old domains crashed and...
  4. Helenm150

    Concert - Oasis Centre - this Sunday

    A charity concert/music event in aid of animal welfare will be held this Sunday (29th) at Oasis Centre, Bodrum starting 5pm. Tickets (10TL) are available on the door. Hope to see you there. Helen :splat:
  5. T

    HSBC Bodrum beside Oasis - Contact details

    Folks, I have been trying for 2 days now to phone the HSBC Bank beside Oasis in Bodrum. Does anyone have alternate contact details - the number I have is 252-317-1711 then the extension # Yesterday the call timed out, and today it just rings and rings, but does not go to the options menu and...
  6. sandpearse

    Christmas Eve in the Oasis

    Spoke to the guys in Atlantis La Bella last night, and they are organising a Christmas Eve party, all welcome, the more the merrier, as they say! Christmas Eve, (24th December), at Angora presented byAtlantis La Bella in the basement of the Oasis, meal + 2 local drinks, live band, dancing...
  7. H


    hi im peter buying at tuzla park,i have bought 8-3 apt my son and friends have bought 8-4 does any body know if the shopping mall oasis sells white goods and bedroom futniture?there is a nice furniture store as good as john lewis which sells top quality furniture,same prices as uk.its on the...
  8. S

    Oasis Village Resort, 2008.

    Hi all, My partner and I bought an apartment on Oasis Village 3 years ago but due to illness we did not make it to Altinkum during 2007 at all. hoping to put that right this year but we were wondering how much the place had changed in the 18 months since we were last there. Is anyone living...
  9. T

    Oasis village

    We are out ealy June any one else be there Ken
  10. T

    Cinema in Oasis, Bodrum

    Anyone know where to get the program on line? (in English) I tried this site, but no details available: http://www.bodrum-bodrum.com/html/information/cinemas.htm We're heading over to Bodrum next week, and determined to get to the cinema, we never seem to have the time at home! Sad - I know...
  11. P

    The Oasis centre

    Having read some of the threads,the Oasis centre has been mentioned a few times,when we were over early October,we went to Linnens a shop across the main road from the Oasis centre.We were making our way back to the car,which was parked behind the Oasis,on our way we saw the pet shop with quite...
  12. N

    Oasis Holiday Village Altinkum

    Hello everyone. Has anyone got a place at Oasis Holiday Village in Altinkum? We are flying out there on the 1st of May for 1 week. Neil.[8D]
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