1. V

    OAPs to drink less?

    Over 65s should drink less than half the current safe limit guidelines according to doctors, public health specialists and psychiatrists. Heavy drinking amongst those over 65 is said to be a hidden problem with many unaware of the damage they are doing to themselves and how their older bodies...
  2. bickern

    ‘Strip OAPs of benefits'

    BETTER-OFF pensioners should be stripped of taxpayer- funded benefits, a Left-wing think-tank will claim today. The Fabian Society, which has close links to the Labour party, is set to provoke anger by claiming that many retired people are “doing well” out of the welfare system. In a pamphlet...
  3. S


    can any one tell me if oaps pay the same tax on tapus and savings as people who are working, many thanks for any help,
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