1. MiddleEarth

    More right-wing nutters

    Again, fact is even more lunatic than fiction, no one could have the imagination to make this up and if they did, no reader of such a book would believe that people like this really exist. :speaknoev Poll: 30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the city from Aladdin Almost one-third of...
  2. Yazee123

    no nutters!

    :boohoo::boohoo: cant wait to do this trip this year, overland from the uk!(sep) i was realy sad to see last year nutters had closed down, due to the new mayor forcing it to close! shame it was a nice place to party! couldnt find john the mangaer but tracked down ishmail with the help of mr...
  3. B

    Rip nutters turgutries

    Any who does not know Nutters burnted to the ground on Saturday night Bez
  4. babsgood

    Nutters Beach Bar

    blooming hell, I have just been into town to the market and parked near the beach, near what is now a shell of a beach bar, last night there was a huge fire at Nutters bar, there is hardly anything left and it is has also damaged the outside of the Yelken Mandalinci Hotel, smoke damage and...
  5. martin m

    aknowledge the nutters

    Hi all I know that this is a public forum, and as long as folk are not effing and blinding, and slagging other members left and right then you can just about say what you want, without repercussion. I also think to a degree that a little bit of steam letting and even winding up, is fun for...
  6. bobthenob

    nutters at large

    Do you dread the thought of a nutter sitting next to you on a plane,,You know the sort,where he loves to show you all his duty free,and blow raspberries in your ear constantly.Thank god it hasn’t happened to me as yet,but my time will come when l look down the aisle as people are walking down...
  7. Karyn UK

    International nutters week

    I think it must be international scam artist and nutters week. So far this week I have had the following emails coming in from adverts I have out about my house for sale:- 1. A callback request direct from our website giving an Ankara telephone number that when we rang it turned out to be...
  8. S

    What about the nutters that go in July

    There seems to be a forum for every month in the season apart from July!! There must be some of you guys that will be in Altinkum during the warm bit! We are arriving on 11th July for 3 weeks.We have an appt on Oasis Village Resort and would love to meet up with any fellow nutters that are going...
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