1. mollag

    Muslim numbers

    I have lost the link but it seems there are plans afoot to use Arabic numersls on future currency notes to reflect the international nature of the pound, :angry: Now enough is enough, they are taking over, we will all be wearing Burkas next, I bet we will be paying for it, and with it as well...
  2. S

    Tourist numbers on the ground

    Now that we are at high season what's the feeling and experience around Turkey re tourist numbers this season? Busy, dead, normal? I know we can look at official figures but I oft think the on the ground experience of local buzz or lack of it during tourist peak season is a better barometer
  3. F

    Tourism to Turkey and Egypt

    Tourists returning to Egypt and Turkey, Tour operator Cook says British tour operator Thomas Cook said it expected to hit its full-year operating targets after seeing early signs that tourists were returning to troubled markets Turkey and Egypt. Thomas Cook, which unnerved investors in...
  4. S

    Tax numbers

    Has anyone else had a letter from their UK bank asking for a declaration to be signed informing them of the tax number where they reside? Apparently the UK banks are linking up and anyone who is letting their property and not paying tax in either country will be stung! Interested to know which...
  5. juco

    Stolen pin numbers

    Apparently there is a `new` (or I have just found out) method to obtain your pin number. It is an attachment that goes on the back of a mobile and after a customer has used their pin you go along and can scan the push buttons and pick up the infra red image which shows what numbers were keyed in...
  6. christella

    free 0800 numbers on your mobile

    free 0800 numbers on your mobile Instructions Dial 01224 39 0800 Enter the 0800, 0808, or 0500 number you want to phone Press # to start the call Call 0800, 0808 & 0500 Numbers Free* From Your Mobile Most mobile phone providers in the UK still charge their users for calls to 0800, 0808...
  7. Yalides

    Numbers of posts

    Now I ask myself why pervect 1949 is so paranoid about the number of posts I make. All he posts these days. A touch paranoid about me? Can`t think of anything to say himself ? Reckon he will poo his pants when I get to 19000. Hang on there Dave, won`t be long.

    Phone numbers help.

    I'm sure i read somewhere on here about those expensive phn. nos that you can bypass with another number. Don't think i'm making myself very clear but those phn nos that cost you like, £1 90 per minute, is there a way of finding a cheaper phone number for them, It's samsung by the way. Thanks...
  9. suzyq

    Antakya health system strained by overwhelming numbers of Syrians

    It seems like as Turkey is now dealing with about 60,000 Syrian refugees things aren't going well. As Antakya struggles to cope with increasing numbers of wounded Syrians pouring into the city on a daily basis, and with facilities such as hospitals already overstretched, claims of mistreatment...
  10. M

    emergency numbers

    hi everyone, there was a thread on here some time ago with all the emergency phone numbers needed in turkey but i cant find it now, can anyone help please. i had saved it in my favourite list but for some unknown reason its not there now, thanks.
  11. D

    Calling Emergency Numbers fro UK Phone

    Hi, I've found plenty of information on Emergency Numbers in Turkey ie Police - 155 Fire - 110 May be a stupid question ... does anyone know how to dial these whilst in Turkey from a UK Mobile ... is it just 0090 155 for example Thanks in Advance Dale
  12. N

    Clarification about local phone numbers

    Could someone please clarify for me the correct local phone numbers, when phoning or texting in Turkey with a UK mobile, connected to Turknet. With +90 or 009(0) numbers ..... does one just dial 0 and then the number ie 0 252........ Thanks Nick
  13. janied

    Useful phone numbers?

    Good morning, I am trying to put together a small information booklet to keep at our holiday home and thought it essential to have a list of emergency phone numbers e.g. ambulance,doctor,police etc. Any suggestions as to where I can gather this information before coming over? We are based in...
  14. H

    Useful phone numbers for Yalikavak

    Hi, we have been coming to Yalikavak now for nearly two years and I suddenly realize that I never gathered phone numbers which can be useful if "something" happens. I have had a look at the website of Belediye, but can't see anything there. Whom are you going to contact in case of a car...
  15. F

    Notary numbers

    Hello, Could someone explain the numbering of notaries. I have read on threads people refering to a notary by a number. We have had an apartment in Konacik for 7yrs but it is only recent,whilst looking at getting a residency permit that this subject has been of any significance. Mike
  16. Tommie

    Really big numbers

    Currently, for internet addresses we are using a protocol IPv4. This is now running out of numbers due to the increase in devices which can use the internet. There are similarities between this and the London telephone exchange, which had to update it's dialling codes 2 or 3 times in a very...
  17. jenifer

    E Numbers

    Hi All Have you ever thought what an E number is? No, or I am not bothered. They are additives which are put into our food, in Turkey( by another name ),the UK, and the rest of Europe. Have you ever bought battered fish and found the fish content is only 50%. What is in the other 50%...
  18. W

    Taxi telephone numbers and rates

    Hi folks Is anyone able to give me a list of Taxi companies in Fethiye with their telephone numbers so I can call and enquire about their rates for long trips? Many thanks
  19. Madwife

    street NMES (Numbers) in Akbuk

    Street Names (Numbers) in Akbuk Can anyone tell me what street (sokat ) Hillside is on please? I know that the road up from Tansas is 1221 Just need to know what the top ones are called Or better still, anyone know the proper address?
  20. P

    Avoiding premium rate numbers.

    A few years ago someone published a list of phone numbers to avoid calling premium rate,0870,0871 & 0845 numbers.Can anyone remember it.
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