1. Mushtaq

    Erdogan says it’s unacceptable that Turkey can’t have nuclear weapons

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday it was unacceptable for nuclear-armed states to forbid Ankara from obtaining its own nuclear weapons, but did not say whether Turkey had plans to obtain them, Reuters reports. “Some countries have missiles with nuclear warheads, not one or two...
  2. E

    Nuclear power

    Nükleer santralin temeli 2 kere çatlam??! - Cumhuriyet Türkiye Haberleri Sounds like they build everything the same standard.
  3. oldfogy

    North Korea accidentally blows itself up in nuclear test

    North Korea accidentally blows itself up in nuclear test North Korea accidentally blows itself up in nuclear test | SOUTHEND NEWS NETWORK The entire nation of North Korea has been destroyed after President Kim Jong-Un accidentally ordered the test of a nuclear bomb that was too powerful...
  4. B

    Russian Nuclear Torpedo

    Russia reveals giant nuclear torpedo in state TV 'leak' - BBC News If this was accidental, then somebody is for the high-jump in Russian TV. Bill.
  5. Firefox

    Turkey Goes Nuclear

    Welcome Turkey to the Nuclear Club:- Lets hope cheaper bills for all and security as no 2 nuclear powers ever gone to WAR. Turkey Nuclear Power Plant: Protests Greet Ceremony To Launch Construction Of Country's First Nuclear Site
  6. T

    Turkey's first Nuclear power station

    As some of you are probably aware, Turkey's first nuclear power station is being built in Akkuyu, Büyukeceli, on the Mediterranean coast. This is about 40 km from us, and there is a new port going to be built here in Taşucu to handle material for it. I was wondering if the presence of a...
  7. bickern

    nuclear bomb near-miss'

    All I can do is take a big 'GULP' BBC News - US plane in 1961 'nuclear bomb near-miss'
  8. F

    Threat of nuclear war in the middle east

    Been watching all kinds of news channels today, from all around the world. Chaos every where, iran on the brink of producing nuclear weapons, israel and u.s. Concerned, russia and china likely to support iran in the face of any threat from the west, one analyst predicting world war three, can...
  9. teosgirl

    Israel nuclear threat

    Israel is a nuclear threat to region, says Turkish Prime Minister - Hurriyet Daily News Interesting to read the latest developments between Turkey-Israel relations. I guess we're unlikely to see any olive branches any time soon. Charlotte
  10. teosgirl

    single lifestyle more dangerous than nuclear meltdown?

    Staying single a bigger threat than nuclear power, Turkish minister says - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review What a totally bizarre statement to make. It looks like Erdogans reign will continue to ride roughshod over the public's reasonable concerns. I wonder if he'd want one built in...
  11. shirleyanntr

    Turkeys nuclear power plans

    İn spite of the massive earthquake in Japan and the consequences of a nuclear disaster in its wake...which are not yet fully comprehended...Turkey is not curtailing its plans for building Nuclear Power plants. Three are already in the pipeline. Last week in İstanbul there was a demonstration...
  12. arrian

    Nuclear workers on 'suicide mission'

    these people are very brave knowing that they could die by trying to stop what's happening, or even suffer untold illness (like Chernobyl) for the rest of their lives. Japan tsunami: Fukushima Fifty 'on suicide mission' to battle nuclear meltdown | Mail Online
  13. alison09400

    Nuclear Plant for Mersin

    Seems like Turkey is planning to go ahead with the building of a nuclear plant in the southern province of Mersin, despite what we have seen over the paset few days in Japan..and despite warnings from experts. Turkey goes ahead on nuclear plans as experts warn - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic...
  14. John O' Dreams

    Nuclear nightmare

    Japan's avoidable accidents make folly of nuclear energy clear JOHN VIDAL OPINION: There is no excuse for the latest nuclear nightmare The gung-ho nuclear industry is in deep shock. Just as it and its cheerleader, the International Atomic Energy Agency, were preparing to mark next month’s...
  15. Mushtaq

    Turkey to go ahead on nuclear despite Japan

    * Turkey to continue with atomic power plans, energy min says * Engineers' group warns of quake risk in Turkey (Updates with Yildiz, engineer quotes) ISTANBUL, March 14 (Reuters) - Turkey will press ahead with plans for two nuclear plants, including one that may use Japanese technology...
  16. culturevulture

    Turks growing unease over Nuclear plant.

    While Turkey is getting closer to realizing its first nuclear power plant, to be constructed by the Russian state-controlled Atomstroyexport JSC in Turkey’s southern province of Mersin, Turkish public opinion seems to be growing uneasy concerning the level of technology the Russians have to...
  17. mrkeith

    Iran begins loading first nuclear reactor

    I have been trying to work out the significance of this reactor and in doing so have gone through the Turkish press quite diligently and found no articles on it what so ever though I am not saying there aren't any. The BBC have it as their main story, I checked a greek paper no mention, it does...
  18. culturevulture

    nuclear power station..... update
  19. Philogic

    Nuclear Power Station

    Anyone know where on the Mediterranean coast the Russians are going to build a Nuclear power station?
  20. shirleyanntr

    Nuclear weapons in İstanbul

    this was a surprise to me..i always imagined they (the US.)would have nuclear weapons in the American İncirlik base ...but in İstanbul..and then they go on about İran. İts farcical. Retired Turkish ambassador claims nuclear bombs stored in Istanbul - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
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