1. H

    Banking novice

    I'm hoping to move out to Turkey by the end of the year but am confused as to what I should do re bank account. I've been told by my current bank Halifax that I have to be resident in UK to keep my account open.I also understand that to get a long term rental I need a Turkish account? ? I've...
  2. Aloysius

    New Novice

    Hi, my name is Aloysius but you can call me Al, I am based in Istanbul but move around Turkey quite a lot. I live out of a suitcase mostly. I discovered this site through a friend of mine who lives in Bodrum and I visit him on a regular basis. He talks about this site quite a bit and I am...
  3. B

    Novice needs advice

    Hi I am visiting Turkey shortly and have lined up 3 companies to show me around. Property Republic (Bodrum Peninsula and Datca) ASEM-Turkey4life (Altinkum) Churchills (Bodrum) Does anyone have any experience either good or bad dealing with these companies. Any advice will be appreciated Brad
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