1. D

    Nov Jokes 20'.

    I got totally wrecked last night. So before I went into work today, I brushed my teeth and ate loads of mints so nobody could smell alcohol on my breath. Despite this, my boss told me to get off the premises until I sobered up. "How did you know I was still p1ssed"..?? I asked him He...
  2. D

    Nov Jokes '19.

    A Large Woman wearing a Sleeveless Dress walked into a Bar. She raised her right arm, revealing a huge Hairy Armpit as she pointed to all the people at the bar and asked , “Which man here will buy a Lady a Drink?” The bar went silent as the patrons tried to ignore her. But down at the end...
  3. D

    Nov Jokes '18

    Getting Finance isn't half a bugger-about nowadays. Checks for this Credit Score and more checks for that Score. It's really getting terrible, trying to get Credit nowadays. Ohh, how I long for the good old days, when all you had to do was sign your 'Family Allowance' book over to your...
  4. D

    Nov Jokes '17

    It's that day again when people come up to me with their Scary Faces and Frightening Clothes with their Hands held out wanting Money. * * Sometimes I really hate my job at the Liverpool Benefits Office..
  5. M

    Flights for sale Gatwick/Bodrum return 31 Oct/7 Nov

    Due to an accident (I am now bed bound for 6 weeks) we are unable to fly next Saturday so 2 tickets EasyJet available 31 October returning 7 November. Gatwick / Bodrum Return. Buyer to pay for name change, make me an sensible offer. Tickets are advertised elsewhere, so be quick and get a...
  6. suzyq

    British Honorary Consulate Meeting in Fethiye-19 Nov

    The British Consulate in Fethiye invites British residents to a community meeting, to be held at Fethiye Esnaf ve Sanatkarlar, at 14.00 on Wednesday 19th November. The purpose of the meeting is to: - Provide updates on issues of recent interests including the travel advice and passport...
  7. suzyq

    British Honorary Consulate Meeting in Marmaris-18 Nov

    The British Honorary Consulate in Marmaris invites British residents to a community meeting, to be held at Blue Bay Hotel Marmaris, at 14.00 on Tuesday 18th November. The purpose of the meeting is to: - Provide updates on issues of recent interests including the travel advice and passport...
  8. G

    Pegasus cheap flights for Nov to March

    Just saw this now in my email, thought it would be helpful for all. Don't miss your chance to travel for less this winter! Make your booking before May 17, 2013 and enjoy flying between 1 November 2013 and 29 March 2014, with prices starting at just 19.99 TL for flights within Turkey, 29.99 TL...
  9. L

    Table top sale - 2nd Nov

    Hi all There will be a table top sale being held at the Aquarium restaurant at 2pm on 2nd November. There will be cakes, homemade goodies, books, cards and lots of other things for sale......... Profits will be put towards the animal trust and some will go towards the schools in Akbuk. Hope...
  10. S

    Weather in Bodrum/Tuzla Oct 26 - Nov 2nd 2012

    Hi All, We are considering travelling to Royal Heights from Oct 26th - will the weather still be nice..............warm enough to swim in pools and the sea for my children? Any guidance much appreciated - Thank You!
  11. Tommie

    National Strike - Nov 30th

    Does anyone know if the planned strike at the end of this month is likely to affect flights to/from the UK? I do realise that parts of the civil service will be on strike but who knows what on-affects that will have!
  12. H

    anyone going to Altinkum b4 end of nov?

    Hello this is the second post dont know what happened to the 1st one, anyway if there is anyone going to Altinkum b4 end of nov, willing to deliver a letter to Duygu at Garanti Bank, would you pls PM me and we can make arrangements. Thank you everyone, this is such a useful way of helping each...
  13. jaimie

    Out on Nov 3rd, Drinks anyone??

    Good afternoon everyone, I will be in Akbuk from the 3rd Nov for a few weeks to do some work on my place, if anyone is bored and fancy meeting up for a drink please let me know, am by myself on this trip so at the risk of sounding like billy no mates would be great to see some of you guys...
  14. newhorizon

    Vettel wins F1 Drivers Champship

    Ok, Last race Sebastian Vettels win spiced everything up in the Drivers championship...there is ONE Race to go its @ Abu Dhabi and its this weekend!! Who would you like to win? Whom do you think will win? Mathematicaly speaking only the 4 drivers below are in with a chance. Lewis Hamilton's...
  15. D

    Turkish Lessons at Cafe Karadut Start 11th Nov 2010

    Turkish classes will start on this coming Thursday 11th November:- 1 - 2 pm for beginners 2.30 - 3.30 pm for intermediate 4.30 - 5.30 conversation classes. People who are interested should contact Gulay on her mobile 0533 733 4528 The fee for the each class is 10 tl People who attend more...
  16. A

    £73 Return Gatwick/Antalya - Nov + Dec

    :27br:Winter break in Side? flythomascook have flights to Antalya throughout December at just £73 round trip - going out 5th, 7th or 12th or 14th and returning 20, 21 or 26 December. Also in November = 23, 28 or 30 November departures - same price. EasyJet only fly during the summer months...
  17. P

    Skylon Meet Up Nov 12th

    Hi everyone. I've been in touch with Katherine about a meal on the Friday evening. They do an early bird special from 5.30 to 7.30 but I think this may not suit those who are travelling. The other options are the A la carte menu in the restaurant or she can do a set menu for us depending on...
  18. luckycat68

    Nov 5 -Bonfire, Bangers 'n' Mash

    Can you tell me what the alternative is to Sausage ?? please
  19. reni

    Ticket to Manchester 2nd Nov

    Hi to all! I have one way ticket for sale for flight on the 2nd November with Thomas Cook. Leaving Bodrum at 01:10 AM and arriving to Manchester at 03:30 AM. Price 200 Euro or 175 GBP. - Including standard meal, 20 kg hold baggage and name change. Reason of sale is double booking. Reni
  20. G

    meet ups ? (3rd Sep to 8th Nov)

    anyone fancy meeting up between 3rd sept and 8th nov ??
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