1. M

    Anyone Noticed - 2

    According to my computer, my home page is saying that it is Boxing Day tomorrow, 28th December. A quick look at 2016 is even more strange. Boxing Day appears to be Monday 26th December with "Christmas Holiday" on Tuesday 27th December. Where is Christmas Day on 25th December? Can't find...
  2. Spurs

    Anyone noticed?

    Has anyone noticed the terrible times the people in the north of the UK are having? No Cobra meeting required, just listen to the locals who know these rivers & how they flow.......................its the same question being asked when the South got flooded, why have they stopped dredging? We...
  3. juco

    Has anyone else ever noticed..............

    Has anyone else ever noticed that women stop doing what they were doing when they decide to tell you that they can multitask better than men?
  4. M

    Noticed the Jandarma out tonight.

    I was on driving duty tonight, dropped family off in the village and then went on for a spot of late night shopping, family had already planned to get a Taxi back anyway. On the way back from petrol station an old Migros (as I now call it) noticed Jandarma and traffic police were out tonight by...
  5. T

    Any tips on how to get your web site noticed?

    Re: Our new villa rental site It looks like a very professional job Gary, well done!
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