1. Mushtaq

    Forum upgrade notice

    Please note I am going to attempt an upgrade to the forum software over the next couple of days. During this period the forum may go offline and inaccessible, I hope this upgrade runs smoothly and we should be back online with a new look and feel. Apologies in advance for the disruption but...
  2. bickern

    Important: Please read this notice.

  3. K

    Short notice but....

    Hi Guys...İ know that it is short notice and a long shot but is anyone travelling to Cesme by car tomorrow morning? İt's important that İ get there by 10:30am. İ will pay the petrol of course! Many thanx!
  4. B

    Who do I call for help? Who will take any notice?

    I have a neighbour who is abusing their dog. It's heartbreaking listening to it. I have shouted at the neighbour that I will call the authorities but obviously I live close to them and being a foreign female I would rather not have any reprisals from a local man with wounded pride. Any ideas...
  5. suzyq

    Bizarre infringement notice to Turkish man from England

    A Turkish man without a driver’s license or a car and who has never left his hometown has received a traffic infringement notice from English police. Mehmet Ali Ergün, who lives in Söke, Aydın province, received the notice from Northumbria Police earlier this month. Ergün expressed the...
  6. translator


    Important notice: With effect from 04/12/2010, Rain Translators is no longer associated with Villa Turizm
  7. Neil_Denizli

    Notice for UK TV Access Users

    Sorry to mods for posting this here, however it's not an advertisement and there are a lot of UK TV Access users in Turkey and sometimes announcements bounce back from some users. This is just a heads up that we have now issued everyone with two accounts so you have a back-up IP address in case...

    30 Day notice to tenant

    My friend has a non-furnished apartment rented out. The tenant has been late paying rent since the 3rd month of the rental. For the past 2 months, no rent has been paid at all. Her estate agent asked the tenant if there was a problem, a curt reply was, we have financial problems and cannot...

    Notice for withdrawing cash HSBC

    Can anyone tell me how much notice i will need to withdraw 8.000 tl from my HSBC premier account......Its the first time i have had to withdraw more than 1.000 which i did from the cash machine........ Can i phone the bank or will i have to go in person? I know i will need passbook, passport...
  10. KKOB

    Did You Notice The Google Doodle Today ?

    Why Google used a doodle of a UFO on its search engine Flood of internet speculation after search engine features UFO | Mail Online
  11. Alan Fidler

    Notice to employees

    Does your boss give you a hard time... is your place of work a sweat shop... A few notices to employees that might make you think you're better off with the boss you have.. Notice to Employees (includes part-time workers) SICKNESS We will no longer accept your doctors' statements as proof of...
  12. Mushtaq

    NOTICE: Forum Upgrade

    The forum is scheduled to shutdown for the long awaited upgrade done. I plane to shut down the forum at 1pm GMT (sorry for the short notice) I hope the upgrade will only take about 2 hours, and we can be up and running quickly after that, there are bound to be little glitches after the...
  13. R

    Notice of habitation

    Hello, My name is Ray and I live in Nottingham. My girlfriend purchased an apartment in Calis last year and all went very well. However, we met somoebody at the airport very recently who asked whether or not she had obtained the ' Notice of Habitation'. The answer was no! Can somebody...
  14. T

    Trespass notice for private pool

    Hi all ! can anyone please tell me, if you have a private pool, is it a legal requirement to have a trespass notice displayed ? and if so,what should it say ? (in english & turkish ).I am worried that if I do not display some sort of sign, I may be liable if someone trespasses on my property...
  15. wiuru

    Important Notice !

    Our Jen (Madturkishcow) computer has blown up, probabley due to the abuse Jen gives it (poor thing, keyboards knackered with all the midnight pounding, smoke billowing out the back), and poor Jen is in withdrawal missing all the gossip and goings on with the Forum, but good news peeps...She will...
  16. G

    Decision made & handed in notice

    I'm sure most of you know that Gary and I have had our place (our dream home) in Turgutreis for 5 years and it has always tugged at our hearts. We bought the house to one day go and live in it but thought it would be in maybe 2010, well our circumstances have changed and we are now in a position...
  17. Marc

    NOTICE: Bar Openings in Akbuk

    Theres another thread running which mentions wanting new openings but I thought I'd drop a new thread which indicates official openings of existing places and new openings of others that I have heared of. April 1st (Saturday) JOKERS BAR - over looking the marina, I think that they will only...
  18. Mushtaq

    ** Forum Migration Notice **

    I am going to try to migrate the forum to the new system tonight after 00:00 GMT, this being the quietest time. The forum will be shutdown for about 2 hours while I move the data over and make the necessary changes. If all goes well the new forum should be running by 03:00 GMT Please use the...
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