1. E

    Davutoglu,s notebook secret's

    Davutoglu has said terror was used for power,
  2. S

    Wanted: English Notebook or Laptop

    My laptop has just coughed it's last and the screen has gone and keyboard had already given up the ghost. So I would be interested in buying a secondhand model here in Altinkum.
  3. M

    Help needed with MSI notebook wifi

    I have an MSI notebook here in Turkey and cannot detect any wifi signals with it (it works perfectly in the UK). My laptop will detect all nearby signals but my notebook shows nothing!!! I am hoping someone on this forum will be able to help. Many thanks. Mollie


    Hiya!!!!!! Yes , it's me again :excl: Now, where do i start Hmmmmm. My 83 year old dad got this notebook, what for i will never know, but anyway he gave it to me and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeannie :boom:
  5. Helenm150

    Laptop and Notebook - Customs

    Hi there, I am planning a trip back to the UK and I am not sure if I am allowed to take 2 laptops back with me - one I brought out with me from the UK and the second one is a notebook that I bought in Turkey. Can anyone please advise? Many thanks, Helen
  6. merlin

    Acer Ferrari 4000 notebook.... Nice piece of kit!

    See the full review here! Very nice Merv!
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