1. G

    English speaking Notary

    Good afternoon everyone, could anyone tell me where I can find an English speaking Notary in the Manavgat/Side area please. I need to know fairly quickly as I have to get some documents verified pdq! Thanks for anyone's help and look forward to hearing from you. Garcia
  2. L

    New notary office coming to Yalikavak.......

    Speaking with an official translator in Bodrum tapu office on Tuesday and she said Yalikavak is to have its own notary office. She is hoping to be based there. Will save time rather than trailing over to one of the notaries in Bodrum town.:clap:
  3. G

    Sales Contract & Notary stamps

    I have a non notarized danish sales contract. Is there a way of checking if there is a legal turkish version somewhere without notifying the emlak who I do not trust?
  4. D

    Notary or solicitor for POA?

    Just a quick question- I am selling a house in Bodrum, but am unable to get over there, so am making the agent POA. I have the POA form ready, but do I get it signed by a notary or a solicitor, before sending to the FCO? many thanks
  5. C

    Translator / Notary in Bodrum

    Hello, can anybody tell me if they know of or have ever used the services of a translator (tercume) or notary in Bdorum. I need some visa documents translated and notarised so if anyone knows of both or has used them previously could you please let me know? Thanks :-)
  6. Lindacm

    Notary & Wills

    We are just in the process of going to the notary to register our Wills. However we are being told by a friend that we need to have a certificate from a doctor to say that we are of sane mind. This has to be done on the same day as we go to the notary. Does anyone have any knowledge of this and...
  7. carolk

    Notary No. 3

    Has opened on the Hospital Rd opp the Chamber of Commerce.
  8. F

    Notary numbers

    Hello, Could someone explain the numbering of notaries. I have read on threads people refering to a notary by a number. We have had an apartment in Konacik for 7yrs but it is only recent,whilst looking at getting a residency permit that this subject has been of any significance. Mike
  9. B

    Residency required at Notary 2?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that Notary 2 in Fethiye still does not ask for a residency kimlik (only a tax kimlik?) when buying a car? Reason is we may be selling our car and the buyer wants to know, as he has not yet applied for residency. Acc to the Calis Forum, someone says that No.2 Notary still...
  10. Susan

    What is a Notary.

    Having a Notary witness a document/s does not prove the truthfulness of statements in a document, and does not legalise it or validate a document. It means it is a registered document witnessed by a notary of the document/s being signed, and can attest to that fact. A notary normally...
  11. A

    Verification by the notary

    Pardon, I have deleted my post because posted in wrong forum.
  12. jewel

    English Notary !!!!

    Please bear with me as this is a bit long winded but it explains my heading !!! Many moons ago my 82 year old Dad worked for a firm that allowed its employees to buy shares in Pepsico instead of takeing their bonus's.Most took the bonus but Dad bought the shares and these were held in USA by the...
  13. F

    Notary Help

    Hello all - I'm attempting to conclude an apartment purchase in Didim, we have a contract (of sorts), military clearance (apparantley) and have confirmed a transfer no/ref with the TAPU office, I hope that all I need to do now is conclude with transfer, pay tax etc..I've been advised I need to...
  14. C

    Solicitors fees 'up front?'

    Hello everyone, Could anyone advise on whether or not solicitors in Turkey should be demanding fees 'up front' as in my case. Long story but to cut it short, I need to get a 'copy' of my deeds. The few solicitors I have contacted not only insist in full payment but vary hugely in cost, the most...
  15. Gill

    Notary in Yalikavak (Bodrum) with translator

    Having read all about wills etc. we are going to try to get a short simple turkish will notarised on our next visit, one for each of us. I don't know whether this is best but we think a simple letter for each of us, leaving our turkish assets to the other or if they do not survive us then in...
  16. I

    Notary Office and Deeds Office

    Someone explain to me the difference please?
  17. Marc

    Power of attorney and Notary office

    Just a cheeky bit of advice, When you need to give POA to a person to complete your house transaction, you will need to go to the Notary office in didim (for altinkum) It seems when you arrive there is always a big queue. This is mainly for the translator. I have heared of 2-3 hour waits...
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