1. Yalides

    Nosey banks

    Took a largish amount of cash out the bank earlier this morning. Was asked by the Teller what it was for. My answer that I was spending it on hard drugs and dirty prostitutes got me a hard stare and a chastisement for being frivolous. Well I ask you, what business is it of them, my money ...
  2. Angela Stansfield

    Akbank - Nosey Parker

    I regularly go to the Akbank cash machine in the town in Didim. Just to the side, there is a man selling bread from a cabinet on the pavement. I have always felt uncomfortable using the machine whilst he is there. Today when I got to the machine, there was a lady already using it. Whilst...
  3. Ms Who

    I love Lynne Mcl (the nosey one)

    Cos she just walked into the office carrying a large bag of cadburys chocolate and Jelly Babies!! hours of fun biting their heads off!! Unfortunately, the plan to tease Pennie with the cadbury's goodie bag and have her dribbling was foiled as she appeared in the office too (probably lured by...
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