1. R

    Gatwick, Heathrow and Norwich Airports now closed

    Heathrow And Gatwick Close Due To Ash Cloud | UK & World News | Orange UK
  2. P

    Norwich at Wembley?

    to all those Villa fans chanting "Norwich, Norwich, givvus a song; Norwich givvus a song ....etc etc" I have only one thing to say " two one, two one, two one; two,ooooo one! happy days. PS my favourite went along the lines of "Villa Park is never full, never full; Villa Park is never full...
  3. rosewall1

    Changes at Aviva (Norwich Union)

    Just had a letter from Aviva offering to make payment of my English pension into my Turkish bank in the local currency. This will cost me £2.74 per month and whatever the exchange rate is at that moment in time. At the moment the pension is paid into my First Direct account (no charge) I...
  4. J

    Flights out of norwich direct.....

    Hi all. Direct Flights are now flying out of norwich,norfolk to Bodrum from start of may from 169.00 pounds....with GOLDTRAIL HOLIDAYS... thanks joll99
  5. Z

    Turkish lessons in Norwich

    Hi every1 Im looking for Turkish lessons inNorwich Norfolk - nay1 help??
  6. YogiPJ

    Turkish Course in Norwich, Norfolk

    Hi Guys There is a Turkish Language corse starting next week in Norwich, at Hellesdon High School. (evenings). 2 more people needed so the course can run Anyone interested ?
  7. G

    New Route starting Summer 2006 from Norwich Intl Airport to Bodrum

    Flying every Monday (May to Oct) with First Choice and Unijet see
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