1. E

    Tatar wins the Northern Cyprus election.

    Tatar wins the Northern Cyprus election and knocks out turkish favourite. See what happens now.
  2. M

    Missile Northern Cyprus

    Anybody know what's going on in Cyprus? Just read a Russian missile has exploded mid air but no casualties, read it on Sky News.
  3. S

    Northern Soul at the Riverside Hotel - Dalyan

    Hi all. I know it's been discussed before but can anyone confirm that the weekly Northern Soul music nights are taking place this year down at the Riverside Hotel. Ta Skimmerville
  4. suzyq

    Hidden paradise welcomes visitors in northern Aegean

    With a past that stretches back to antiquity, Çanakkale’s Yeşilyurt village is drawing more and more interest from tourists eager to sample its natural beauty and view its old stone houses. With its unspoiled nature and old stone houses, the Yeşilyurt village on the skirts of the Kaz Mountains...
  5. D

    Taking Turkish reg m/bike into southern cyprus via northern Cyprus

    Hello All, Attending a wedding in Pafos mid October and have booked the Tasuçu-Girne ferry. Does anybody know if there are restrictions on Turkish registered vehicles crossing into southern Cyprus from the north? Kind Regards, Dicky
  6. mollag

    Northern stereotypes

    This it seems is the North London view of England or how they perceive them, thankfully they omitted the Isle of Man. Accurate do you think.
  7. A

    Alanya to Northern Cyprus by boat

    Does anyone know the frequency of the boats from Alanya to Northern Cyprus please? How much does it cost? And how long does it take? We would be going mid September probably. :blowkiss:
  8. A

    V50 Northern Soul/Motown Night Didim

    Due to doubt over the availability of the venue for 'Factor 50' Northern Soul/Motown Event, the Event will now take place at the Garden of Sun Hotel's Zaya Club Friday 25 July. UK Dj's Pete Eccles + Brent Howarth will be playing the best in Northern Soul/Motown. A Special Live Performance from...
  9. E

    Northern Cyprus

    we live in Fethiye in Turkey and are thinking of visiting Northern Cyprus for a week in November . Can anyone advise me on places to stay - we like the coast but also want to see ancient sites and museums etc, any ideas would be welcome. We will be not be fetching our car.
  10. teosgirl

    Northern Cyprus - FB information page

    A good friend of mine works for the Girne Belediye as their PR/ events manager. He recently added me to a Facebook page which promotes events and businesses in the TRNC. I thought this might interest some members who are either in the process of moving to north Cyprus, or are currently...
  11. A

    'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering July 20th - 27th 2014

    Northern Soul Gathering will take place for 1 week at the Venosa Beach Resort & Spa, Didim Altinkum 20th - 27th July 2014. For further details contact K.T.F :)
  12. T

    Cost of Living in Northern Cyprus

    Hi I know this is a Turkish Forum so hope you don't mind this post. I know there are a few members living in Northern Cyprus. I have been holidaying (staying in Villas) in Northern Cyprus once a year for about the last 8 years. We really love it there. We have been seriously thinking of moving...
  13. Housemartins

    Northern Cyprus - Apartment FOR SALE

    FOR SALE – 2 bedroom garden apartment located on Crystal Bay View, Bahceli, Northern Cyprus with beautiful views of the sea and mountains. Asking price £41,500 but open to offers. For more information contact the owner Steve Gray via email Alternatively you can...
  14. A

    'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 21st - 28th July 2014

    Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 2014 Turkey 'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 2014 21 July - 28th July 2014 The Venosa Hotel Beach Resort & Spa - Altinkum/Didim TURKEY PM for further details Keep The Faith! :3: .
  15. N

    Village houses in Northern Cyprus

    Hello, I am new to this forum and would like to pose a couple of questions, really. I am a UK resident, born and raised, though ethnically I am Turkish Cypriot and I do love Northern Cyprus. It's been a few years since I have been able to return and would love to go back for a holiday next...
  16. Mag

    Northern Ireland Sterling.

    Will the banks change Northern Ireland sterling in Turkey? Friend tried to change some at the Exchange Office yesterday and they would not accept it. Thanks Mag
  17. D

    taking a car into Northern cyprus from turkey

    İ am looking for any port in a storm and have almost decided to take my car to cyprus where i have friends in the north.i need to know what insurance cover i need to enter the north. i have a green card cover for the south and i wonder if it is acceptable in the north? (it seemed to be ok with...
  18. altinkum kev

    Izmir - Northern Cyprus

    Looking at flying to Northern Cyprus from Izmir in Dec and popping over border to do some shopping , for a long weekend Fri-Mon only £68 with 20 kilo luggage,anyone have any Knowledge of where to go once over the border?
  19. S

    Dongle in Northern Cyprus

    Hi all, don't know if someone technically minded can help me but we're off for a few days to stay in NC and I'm looking for portable internet as the house in the village has none. I have heard about these dongle thingies but never had to buy/use one, can someone explain how they work and what I...
  20. O

    Northern cyprus tapu office

    Hi, Does anyone have a good link for an explanation of the buying process in Northern Cyprus as opposed to on The Mainland. Or if someone knows could they give a brief explanation of the Tapu system there. Thanks
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