1. Housemartins

    North cyprus, bahceli - apartments for sale

    An owner on the site where I used to live is selling their apartments. Asking price £59,950 each, title deeds in owners name, so no VAT to pay. Good rental income and some bookings already in place for 2019. I will post pictures when I get them. Please help spread the word. Thanks Martin
  2. E

    Turkey & North Cyprus = Same???

    Hi, friends of mine have the following situation. Maybe somebody here can help. They are in turkey now without an ikamet and have to leave turkey in 2 weeks, having been here for almost 90 days. They would like to go to north cyprus for 90 days and then come back here. Question: Is this...
  3. M

    North Joins South

    What a wonderful moment to witness as North and South Korea join hands in peace. Of course there is a long way to go yet but I feel that we may get there quicker if someone might put a sock in Trumpty's mouth.
  4. S

    To nutty Trump- stay North of Watford!!!!!
  5. Kingfisher

    Turkish hire car to North Cyprus

    Has anyone taken a Turkish hire car over to North Cyprus and back?
  6. suecheshireuk

    Esentepe North Cyprus reduced to £85,000.

    For Sale, large detached village house, full of character. Three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, large balcony with views to the sea, mountains and Kyrenia. Off road parking, gardens to front and rear. Mains water connected. Flat walking distance to shops, bars, restaurants and bus. In the...
  7. oldfogy

    North Korea accidentally blows itself up in nuclear test

    North Korea accidentally blows itself up in nuclear test North Korea accidentally blows itself up in nuclear test | SOUTHEND NEWS NETWORK The entire nation of North Korea has been destroyed after President Kim Jong-Un accidentally ordered the test of a nuclear bomb that was too powerful...
  8. S

    Brutally honest survivor of North of Ireland conflict

    Former Troubles soldier 'would shake hands of man who killed friend' -
  9. A

    anyone bought property in North Cyprus?

    Hi, has anyone on here bought property in North Cyprus, and has there been any problems?
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Earthquake off coast of north west Turkey

    A strong magnitude 6.3 earthquake off the western coast of Turkey and between the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chinos shook buildings from the Aegean Turkish province of Izmir to the Greek capital of Athens. The epicentre of the quake was about 84 km (52 miles) northwest of the Turkish coastal...
  11. S

    Will community college credits transfer to North cyprus university?

    My gpa is a little low right now as a college student, so I want to go to community college here in the usa to raise my gpa, and then apply to a university in northern Cyprus....will my credits transfer? and do I need to go to community college to raise my gpa? my overall gpa is high, but my...
  12. bickern

    NORTH Korea is deadly serious about nuking its enemies

    It's all systems go around the globe it seems. Kim's man in Europe says North Korea's nukes ready to blow within 10 minutes. NORTH Korea is deadly serious about nuking its enemies – and can do so with just 10 minutes' notice. That's the claim from Kim Jong-un's man in Europe, Alejandro Cao de...
  13. Jaycey

    North Korea

    Last American prisoner from the Korean War to be released from forced labor camp The prisoner in question, is Lieutenant Mark Wallace from Leonardtown in Maryland, who was captured by the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army near the Chosin Reservoir, in November 1950, after being severely injured...
  14. B

    North Korean boat missing.

    North Korea submarine 'missing' as US-South Korea drills continue - BBC News I really feel for these submariners and their families. Bill.
  15. W

    New Zealand North Island Must Do's

    Apologies for the non Turkish thread and any replies can be sent via PM . I am over in Auckland for the next 2 months and will have access to a car for 2 weeks. I want to tour up north of Auckland with my priorities being coastal walks , forest walks and coastal drives. Would appreciate any...
  16. Firefox

    Crossing the Line - North Cyprus to South

    Has anybody crossed the border from Turkish held Cypress into Cypress Greek side. Is there a border as such as I am planning a trip from Izmir to Ercan then hope to go by land into EU side. :angel:
  17. Spurs

    A bad day for the North AGAIN

    Years ago I contracted into both Shotton & Redcar Steel Works. I watched Shotton get closed down & couldn't believe how it ripped the guts out of that area, now its Redcar's turn. People just don't realise how these areas virtually change overnight. Straight to the dole, small businesses hit all...
  18. B

    North Korea as a holiday. Anybody fancy this trip for their next holiday? Bill.
  19. B

    North Korea and cures for terrible diseases

    North Korea claims it has drug to treat MERS, Ebola, SARS and AIDS - The Times of India It's good to know that at least one country, in this case North Korea has a cure for these diseases. The only question now is, will they share it with the rest of the world...
  20. Spurs

    South to North

    If I am reading this article right, there could be a lot of people down South being pushed out of their areas..............just makes the North/South divide even greater. All sounds so simple, moving away from your roots, kids in different schools, no friends, deprived area.............brainwave...
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