1. madturkishcow

    Noobies 4 of!

    A very warm TLF welcome to the following brave souls........EMSMİFF, COLDEN,CLAİRE & ALİSTER and last but not least THAİ. :pressie: Please take time to introduce yourselves and feel free to wander around our information packed forum. Your free Efes will be waiting in the bar.Enjoy. MKC
  2. madturkishcow

    Noobies 5 of!!!!

    A very warm welcome to the following brave people who have taken the plunge and joined our home from home 'Mad House'. Please give a warm hand to:- RHARDCAS, MOHAWK,MARTYN ELLİS,LİSALOU and RANGER :lol: Feel free to have a nosey around,ask questions or whatever floats your boat. We would like...
  3. madturkishcow

    Noobies 3 of!

    A very warm TLF welcome to the following brave souls who have ventured into the depths of our wonderful,warm,welcoming forum. We hope your stay at the 'Mad House' will be enjoyable and informative. Feel free to have a wander around, poke your nose into the cupboards and contribute whatever you...
  4. J

    More Noobies

    Hi Folks, I'm Archie and my significant other is Jude. We bought a small villa in Dalaman 2 years ago. To be honest it couldn't have been easier. Easier than in the UK.!! We had travelled to Turkey on numerous occassions over the past 6 years and were considering investing. We were there...
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