1. P

    Is No-Nem still around?

    Sorry to rake up the past but does anyone every get the feeling No-Nem is still hanging around the forums?? Still posting perhaps? I hadn't given the man another thought until recently something....or rather someone got me all suspicious! Just thought I'd ask :)
  2. Phil Johns

    No-Nem - Phil Robinson - Gone!!!!

    Here go's I had to wait for some permissions to come in, to make this announcement. !They Have done a bunk!. After myself and several others whom have had to speak to him over recent weeks because of our business's, Could not get hold of him for many days. I asked someone to call around to...
  3. Harem

    No-Nem's Birthday

    I am sure that Phil is around somewhere looking in, so shall we all wish him a Very Happy Birthday?
  4. Susan

    No-Nem Issues

    There are many issues that need to be sorted out regarding No-Nem Damp Proofing, without anyone screaming and shouting at each other. Let us start with the Agents or Franchisees and what there role is. What does being an Agent or a Franchisee for No-Nem Damp Proofing mean, now the only people...
  5. Mushtaq

    No-Nem Customer Survey

    As there are still issues surrounding this company, I though it might worth trying to figure out what the situation is, as there are apparently lot of unhappy customers and investors, and happy ones too, so I would like to get some numbers.
  6. Phil Johns

    Clients no-nem ( Only)

    Hello all I do not wish to kick it all off again about Phil R, but to protect myself I have gone to a different supplier (at vast cost) and to put all the skeptics to rest please read the following. Do not ask me anything about no-nem The problems were before my time, and other matters are...
  7. G

    No-nem: Have the Issues been Resolved?

    It has been a while since the problems with No-nem damp proofing were raised on the forum. The other thread has become cluttered with posts that are not specific to the company itself. The most recent information we received was that the MD was about to resign, transferring some of his shares...
  8. M

    no-nem latest

    Phil from no-nem has,today, arrived in Fethiye, as promised, to address the first of the 3 problem properties, as previously agreed many times before !! He has promised to come on the 5th May to address problem no. 2 and finally again on the 12th to address the last problem with the...
  9. B


    OK, so I know you are all going to say "Not another thread about him!" , but I have been reading all those other threads - The Accused; No-Nem Dampproofing and Taurean Bull and one thing stands out a mile - whenever anyone asks Mr No-Nem, or whatever his name is, a direct question, it doesn't...
  10. russandjan


    Don't know if this is the correct place to post but I'm trying to contac t No-Nem but not having much luck. The mobile number on the website doesn't seem to be working and the office number is permanently engaged. can anybody help please?
  11. KKOB

    1st Lonely Heart for No-nem's Agency

    See if you can find her a Turkish toy-boy No-nem. She's only got £150,000 in the bank so I know you might struggle to find the boy of her dreams.
  12. Higgy

    No-Nem Top Man.

    Our apartment had some minor damp on the interior walls so we arranged for Phil (No-Nem) to assess the problem. We had Salt Contamination. It was rectified by removing the old plaster then drilling holes everywhere and injecting a liquid to prevent future damp. Some areas had to have more...
  13. alison09400

    No Nonem?

    He's a bit conspicuous by his absence this morning....could it be that he's exhausted by too much dancing and waving of the hankerchief last night?? :lol: Come on Nonem, tell us how it went, the suspense is killing us! :307bt: Alison
  14. S

    No-nem - caddesi 23B?

    Hello No-nem, have been walking Atatürk caddesi up and down for several time, but couldn't find 23B, because actually 23B should be on the seafront and there isn't much upon there Suppose you are not really situated in Kuşadası itself ? Anyway, the caddesi is a nice road to do, and I ended up...
  15. Harem

    No-nem Tool Hire

    Thanks No-nem for a very efficient service. I "borrowed" a strimmer and although my little "grass" patch is now all brown and dead, it does, at least, look neat and tidy and will remain so until we get some rain in September(?). Again, thanks for a very efficient and affordable service. I...
  16. Pennie

    Happy Birthday No-nem

    I would like to wish nonem a very happy birthday. Have a good day :pressie: Pennie xx
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