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    Nokta court case any up-date?

    Its been a while since any posts re Nokta court case and the Tapu issues on certain sites just wondering if anybody has heard the latest news on Nokta or is there any news at all? Cheers.....
  2. B

    Nokta - Cengiz group court case

    Hello to those who have witnessed fraud by Nokta, Cengiz and lawyer Beran. To make the story short. I am looking for people who have witnessed fraud from Cengiz, Nokta, and the lawyer Beran. I have talked to the Turkish embassy where I live in Europe and I complained about what I and other...
  3. C

    URGENT - Nokta - Cengiz - Beran - need wittnesses

    Mery x-mas all. A newspaper is asking for other persons who can witness Nokta's fraud in Bodrum. Cengiz and the lawyer Beran. Grand Seaview hasn't got there habit certs - Iskan - like the another one in Gumusluk city. The new site build under Sepin Insaat name by Cengiz - guess they have the...
  4. C

    Nokta Cengiz & Beran Özdemir fraud case

    Bodrum court has a case now against Nokta/Cengiz Altinbascan & Beran Özdemir. They deny fraud. Anyone who is part of their fraud please be kind and write it here. This can be helpful at the end and maybe make the fraud in Bodrum less in future. Never use a lawyer in Bodrum - if you do, you...
  5. K

    Help - Bought property in Tuzla through Nokta properties

    My name is Helen. i am a widow with 2 dependant children yasemin and zaina. i lost their father ender in 2005 in a traffic accident. since i purchased a house in mersin and 1 apartment in bodrum. tuzla through nokta properties who have since gon bankrupt. i have a shell of a building and they...
  6. M

    Lawyer who worked with Nokta

    I am sure like us many others of you have had bad experience with a lawyer who worked with Nokta and has cheated people like us. I am interested in knowing who else have been cheated by this lawyer? Please do not name the lawyer publicly on the forum but PM me instead with the details. We...
  7. M

    Garanti Bank sells Nokta apartments with Ipoteks

    Seems like Garanti Bank is now going to sell the Nokta apartments with Ipoteks on it. All who may be involved in this terrible kind of fraud should contact Garanti Bank and ask them not to do so ... Or a group should go together and begin a fraud case against the lawyers, nokta and the banks...
  8. M

    Garanti Bank - let's do it together

    Maybe some of you already have read the horrible stories about Nokta and the deed problems and Garanti Bank giving Nokta credits and now think they are without any guilt at all. I found out one year later that there is an Ipotek on my Tapu from Garanti Bank. I transfered my money to the Nokta...
  9. M

    NOKTA = SEPIN Proberties - Gumusluk

    look at the other thread don't know why this can't be deleted.
  10. F

    Nokta Apartments Gumusluk!!

    Hi All Was just wondering has anyone been to the above apartments recently and if so did they have power and water? I only ask as family went out last year and had to spend the first week of their hol in a hotel due to having no utilities. These apartments are run by the lovely on site Murat...
  11. H = NOKTA

    I was just passing by and by chance I'v been infd that...:( Nokta is constracting again ,just in the mid of Gumushluk town,opp to the milt-police station but under another co name.He is there, unfortunatly no way to do anything legaly:( :eyeye: 548
  12. OWENA

    nokta court case

    Does anyone have any news on the nokta court case - I beleve it was sometime this week?? Jane Shakey has asked me to let her know if anythng has happened, as she is away till mid August and will not be able to check the forum. PM if you like. Cheers
  13. T

    Forum Censorship on Nokta!?!

    As you may or may not have seen, I have tried to start a new thread on other forums. These are on such as Tulza & Yali. This was after the huge interest, wide reception and numberous appeal to my thread/postings on Nokta. I would go as far as saying in its four months or so, it is the most...
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    Warning: Buying from Nokta?

    Please anyone wishing to buy property in Turkey this summer, be very careful. I would advice any potential buyers, be it in Bodrum, or elsewhere to read this forum & type in Nokta or Estatemar. Or go to the Gumusuluk page and read the many postings there. You can draw your own conclusions from...
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    Warning nokta can seriously damage your health & wealth

    Please anyone wishing to buy property in Turkey this summer, be very careful. I would advice any potential buyers, be it in Bodrum, or elsewhere to read this forum & type in Nokta or Estatemar. You can draw your own conclusions from the postings......I only wish I would have had this...
  16. Y

    Gumusluck NOKTA

    I am a "happy" owner of an apartment from NOKTA to Gumusluck, Myndos Country. I seek information about this company. Otherwise, I am ready to make you share my experiences of Bodrum.
  17. T

    Ministry of Internal Affairs investigate Nokta Development

    Well I ll be to the point and I ll try to be polite. And I am sorry to the other members who were helpful to me. I have had a recent developement in regards to the bandits at Nokta. Yesterday I received a call from a Mr Kusheri Ican, the Turkish Commissionaire to Bangkok. This is in response...
  18. T

    Any News On Nokta?

    Hi there, Well this is my first time on your Forum, so I would like to say "Hi" and I hope every one is well and life is good for you guys in Bodrum. I am not living in Turkey, although I do have an apartment there....but I would be most grateful if someone could let me know the score with...
  19. G

    Myndos Country (Nokta Development)

    Hi I'm a new member and I was hoping that someone on the forum may be able to let me have some recent information regarding the Nokta development called Myndos Country 1 in Gumusluk. There's quite a bit of noise on the web regarding Nokta and whether or not they might be in financial trouble...
  20. N

    Nokta properties

    Nokta properties have recently moved to Gümüslük,is there any truth in the rumour I heard today they might be in trouble financially or am I being told porky pies. Cheers,
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