1. R

    Ramada noise

    So much for the quiet life! Our place is imidiatly in front of the Ramada Hotel. Disco booming out til gone midnite last night Friday. What was a nice peaceful place to stay and unwind, is not anymore, very disappointed, no consideration for residents at all. Far to much noise and traffic now...
  2. martirkz

    Strange Bird noise

    Last Thursday we heard a very weird sound coming from the tree's at the front of our house, it sounded like a distress call, a loud Keey-ock Keey-ock. Didn't know what it was and couldn't see anything, the following day same thing happened but again no bird could be seen although the calls where...
  3. M

    Noise levels in hotels

    does anyone know if there are any restrictions on noise levels from hotels in the daytime. My son has just arrived at his apartment in Alanya to find a new hotel has been built right next door and the noise level this morning is horendous from music and anouncments around the pool area which is...
  4. J

    Noise from Club

    Hi All, I am not one to complain and do not want to sound like a party pooper, but the noise from the Club on the Marina was so loud last night. How many nights a week does the club open?
  5. Y

    Noise pollution

    I moved a few months ago to a new apartment in order to get away from what had become a noisy street. The new place is in a quiet side street - but there is one problem. Right across the narrow street from my bedroom (and there is nowhere else to move bedroom to - my apartment is just one side...
  6. K

    Noise Pollution affecting Royal Heights and neighbouring complex's

    In June this year robust complaints were made to Artev, Villa Turizm and the Tenants of the ammenity and beach area below Royal heights. Artev still own these areas but have rented to VT who in turn have sub let to a 3rd party. The complaints conserned the level of noise emanating from...
  7. O

    aircraft noise

    We are thinking of moving to Turkey and Dalaman has ticked most of boxes we want. The thing that worries us is that being so near the airport there must be a lot of aircraft noise. Is it very intrusive?
  8. ceemac

    Noise Pollution

    The Environment and Forestry Ministry will produce noise maps of areas with more than 100,000 inhabitants in order to prevent excessive noise pollution caused by night clubs, industrial sites, road traffic, air traffic and rail traffic, officials have said. Here C
  9. D

    Noise levels

    Can you advise us what the law relating to the allowable noise levels and times these levels are acceptable from resaurants and bars and is the law the same throughout Turkey or does it depend on a district law. Thank you David Oldfield
  10. jellybean

    Dust and noise on a summers afternoon

    I remember a time when in summer almost all building work stopped. This year no one seems to care even the council have continued with the road building. Maybe they should all remember this when next year they are wondering where the tourists are once again. Maybe a little less speed and greed...
  11. shirleyanntr

    todays word is sound or noise.

    Todays word is …sound…or noise..and also voice. Ses and Gürültü These are two words that are chiefly used when talking about sound. Ses is used when talking about someones voice…or a singer..or when the tv is too loud… Gürültü is also about sound and noise . They are both often used together...
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