1. C

    For sale Nintendo wii

    Hi all I am selling my Nintendo Wii,it comes with Wii fit board also 15 games all boxed and in very good condition,there is also 2 steering wheels and a guitar to use with one of the games,please feel free to inbox me if interested,I am in Izmir,thank you.
  2. T

    Nintendo Wii

    Hi, The kids wii sensor bar is not working, anyone know if we can get a new one in Alanya ??
  3. D

    Fethiye/Calis - Camera & Nintendo DSi XL For Sale

    I posted this in the Calis Beach forum but then found this one so I'm posting here as well - hope that's ok :ohwell: I'm selling a couple of items which I brought with me from England as they were leaving presents but will never use, hence both are brand new, still in the boxes: Nintendo DSi...
  4. angiesco

    Nintendo Wii and internet connection

    Hi, just a quick question, (with a complicated answer I expect :) ) Has anyone, in Turkey, connected their Wii to the internet? More so, while using a VPN. If so can you PM, I need some help. Thankyou. Angie.
  5. A

    Nintendo wii

    Hi Dont know if this has been asked before but can you buy a Nintendo Wii and games from anywhere on the bodrum peninsula if you can what prices are you looking at. Thankyou Alan:bounce::bounce:
  6. tinkycarol

    Nintendo DSLite - worth buying one? Any tips please

    Apologies for this daft post - as usual I am 5 years behind the gadets & trends. I never pay much attention to techie stuff (changing too fast) but I think I need some brain training - yesterday I got mixed up between the pub and bookshop and told someone I was in Waterspoons! So today I have...
  7. S

    Bringing a Nintendo WII from England

    Does anybody know if i bring my English Nintendo Wii to Turkey if it will work or not.Tried a different console a few years ago and it wouldn't work. Thank you in advance..
  8. I

    Brand new Nintendo Wii Console

    My nephew purchased a Wii for himself but has since found out that his girlfriend has bought him one for Christmas. He purchased it from HMV as a package, but gave the game to his cousin as it was a bit young for him. If anyone is interested he is selling it for £200 and it can be collected...
  9. lilacdiana

    nintendo wii

    Is the nintendo wii avaiable in Turkey yet and if so what does it cost? Question from my hubby!! Boys and there toys!!!!!!! :panda:
  10. merlin

    Nintendo enters Turkish market....

    TDN Greek-owned Nortec Multimedia forms Nortec Eurasia as sole distributor in Turkey Japanese games maker Nintendo announced in Istanbul this week that it is officially entering the Turkish market, appointing Nortec Eurasia as its sole importer and distributor.
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