1. kemerkid

    Summer nights eh!

    I'm sat out here on the terrace at 9:30pm and it's warm and comfortable. It's as black as Newgates Knocker and completely silent except for the sound of the keypad on my shiny Samsung netbook. Pint pot of ice cold Tuborg Gold and life is good.
  2. N

    Altinkum nights out

    Just wandering is there any live singing nights out / like the cavern that was / or any life singers at any venue in altinkum /akbuk etc thanks for any help
  3. R

    accomodation required for 4adults 4 nights

    hello Istanbul forum, a small party of 4 adults are looking to do a site seeing tour of Istanbul and are looking for somewhere clean, tidy , friendly and well located so we can enjoy the Istanbul experience. look forward to hearing from you soon. Preferably 2 double rooms with bed and breakfast.
  4. arrian

    Bad nights' sleep!

    for no apparent reason i didn't sleep well last night, waking up every hour or so, then nodding off again. finally gave up at 4 30 and got up. just been on Facebook, and my daughter has posted still being awake for most of the night, and then my grandaughter has also posted having had the worst...
  5. D

    where.when are the quiz nights please?

    Hi All...can anyone tell me the bars that are running quiz nights and the nights they do them? My husband likes to go, take part and then get a gob on when we don't win :/
  6. altinkum kev

    Waterwheel Friday nights

    Christine + Dj Sinan will now be appearing at The Waterwheel Altinkum Fortnightly on Friday evenings throughout winter. Included with this "Disco Night" is a set menu at a discounted winter price. Music to suit every generation! Why not come a long to our very 1st "DISCO NIGHT" at The Waterwheel...
  7. bickern

    Quiz Nights at Botanic Gardens

    I have posted this on behalf of Carol & Phil who live on Botanic Gardens Hi Everyone Just to let you know we're starting our Quiz Nights at Botanic Gardens on Friday. They will be held weekly in the Terrace Bar at 8.30pm. Everybody's welcome. Also would someone mind putting this on the...
  8. D

    quiz nights...

    can anyone tell me where we will find a quiz tonight (friday) and for that matter, if you know of any regular quiz nights held on other nights, which bars they are located in? Thanks - Dawn
  9. sunshine

    turkish nights

    Hi all,going to altinkum at the end of may and wanted to know if there are any good turkish nights that anyone could recommend,last year went to the istanbul the one up by victoria,that was alright nice food,but the entertainment was more of the dancing boys,any advice would be good. Thanks :3:
  10. TB2010

    Hotel in Alanya, 2 nights from Monday

    Hi, I'm staying in Alanya for 2 nights from Monday 15 November and I'd appreciate it if someone would recommend a reasonably priced hotel in Alanya or Oba. Many thanks.
  11. donss

    where to stay for 2 nights: hotel/pension etc)???

    We were so taken by a couple of day trips to Alanya last week, that we want to stay for a couple of nights when we come back out to Ilica (Manavgat) next April. Where would you suggest we stay for a night or two as a central base in Alanya? Answers on a post card please.....: All replies will...
  12. Yalides

    Nights in

    With the dark nights approaching fast its going to be lovely staying at home on these dark nights, fire roaring, TV on, glass of hot wine and snuggling up to the wife. Anyone else going to enjoy the same or similar ?
  13. A

    Cheap Pansiyon for a few nights in Datca

    I live in Yesiltepe near Bafa Lake and am looking to drive down to Datca for a few nights break in August or September. Does anyone know a small cheap and good pansiyon which is central to Datca ? All responses much appreciated. Andrew
  14. L

    Noisy Late Nights In Bars!

    Does anyone know if there are any regulations and restrictions on how late bars and restaurants can play loud music and stay open to? This year when we came out it seems to have trebled as bars fight for business. The bar below us starts Karaoke at 11 and finishes at 3am! We are not frumpish...
  15. Mag

    Turkish Nights

    Any recommendations for a Turkish Night in Turgutreis or surrounding area? Do any of the AI hotels open their Turkish Nights to the public? My 11 year old is bringing her friend on hols with us this year and we would like to take them to one. Thanks Mag
  16. SonnyJim

    Speciality Nights

    Well, now that the tourists have left town and things are winding down for the winter, it is great to know that there is still some 'action' downtown!! Mocca restaurant do regular speciality evenings in the winter, the last one was fish and chips!! Normally a bit more exotic, we have been to...
  17. S

    Turkish nights

    Hi Can anyone recommend a traditional turkish night at a good restaurant/hotel. Traditional food/dance etc.... Have visited Turgutreis for the day or evening but never stayed there - can't wait to get there!! Snowyjo
  18. Fendouglas

    Meteor Showers for the next few nights

    Every August the earth passes through a trail of debris left by the comet called Swift-Tuttle. This meteor shoots out of the constellation called the Perseus and this is why they have been called the "Perseids". The comet is travelling away from Earth towards Uranus right now but it has left a...
  19. B

    Northern Soul Nights in Altinkum

    Hi Folks I believe there is a strong demand for Northern Soul dance nights in Altinkum : many people in the age group, 30 to 65 love this form of music, from their younger days and of course some people do wear Fred Perry (a timeless classic). You will also be introducing Turks to this form...
  20. B

    Quiz Nights

    Hi everyone, just to let you know we have started doing quiz nights every Wednesday at 8pm at Uncle Festers restaurant in Gumbet, also on the night there will be a raffle, both the quiz and raffle are to raise money to feed the street animals during the winter season. you have a fun night -...
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