1. Billy Joe

    The Theatre of Nightmares.

    Old Trafford: Urgent inquiry demanded after bomb 'fiasco' - BBC Sport You couldn't make it up,they might even make it into a movie.
  2. S

    Aymet Homes should readvertise 'we can make your nightmares come true'

    Hi everyone, I see Aymet homes have updated their website. They make me sick. They're advertising Yasemin apts all sold - they should readvertise and say Auctioned off due to Ayhans Debts. I pity anyone planning to buy off him and his family. How dare he say he has no money. Where did he...
  3. T

    Tapu nightmares anyone?

    The Fethiye times has posted an article concerning a Turkish TV station that will be in Fethiye this week filming people about Tapu problems Quote Tapu Nightmares? Monday, 17 March 2008 Do you have a problem with the deeds (Tapu) of your property? If so, national TV station TRT wants...
  4. Lynda

    Be warned ... I give you nightmares!

    It is official I am terrifying. Apparently 2 of Turkish girls who work for me are complaining to the boss that I frighten them so much they are having nightmares... :kafa: I think it may have something to do with the fact I tell their friends to leave the office after 30 mins of girlish...
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