1. juco

    UK work & pensions nightmare.

    I would be interested if anyone else has had similar issues with work & pensions/banks. Father in law passed away In Jan, wife is executor, apart from the expected customary family disputes everything was pretty much tidied up within a few weeks and all passed by probate. To make sure all was...
  2. S

    Nightmare holiday

    Now it's getting into holiday season we are bombarded on Tv with ads for many types of holidays Got me to thinking of what would always have been my nightmare holiday- a holiday camp!!! Jeez the thought of it In Ireland we had Butilns just outside Dublin To give you an idea how bad it was...
  3. bal canavar

    Any Parents Nightmare

    It must be any parents nightmare to come back and then see the above. Lidia Herrera left son with former husband while she visited family abroad But instead of babysitting Ismail, 3, father Ismar Mesinovic fled to Syria Joined ISIS with the boy and is believed to have been killed in September...
  4. E

    Tax penalties - our Turkish nightmare continues

    Having sold our last apartment in Turkey last spring, we were happy to close this not so happy chapter of our lives and move back home to Holland. Having been ripped off in Turkey by our builder in a number of ways over a number of years we had hoped to get on with our lives without any more...
  5. A

    Aydem nightmare Warning

    I have a friend called Dale His electric was cut off we then paid the bill it was a 70 lira bill and 26 lira interest and was expecting the electric to be put back on we then find out the subscription was then cancelled because of the 70 lira bill No warning, no bill, no letter ect because...
  6. teosgirl

    E-visa nightmare?

    Turkey?s online visa procedure victimizes tourists - LOCAL Can you imagine? Arriving on holiday after following the online procedure and then being deported? I thought you could also purchase visa's at the airport anyway? Strange. Yet again Turkish bureaucracy and it's 'pick and choose'...
  7. V

    Sick grandpa's holiday insurance nightmare

    A sick grandfather was thrown out of his hospital bed in Marmaris and had to sleep on the beach after his holiday insurance company refused to payout because he wasnt registered with a UK GP. Sick British great-grandfather 'thrown out of Turkey hospital bed and forced to sleep on beach because...
  8. S

    dream box nightmare

    would be grateful if someone could give me some helpful advice on the subject. have been usuing dreambox for about 6/7 years now tried a few service suppliers but all of them the quality seems to have deteriated for some reason or another. the recent loss of a lot of programs due to a change of...
  9. L

    Car Tax - nightmare at the tax office

    Hubby went to renew our road tax on Monday at the bank, the details were taken, and he was told the payment would go out later in the day. No payment was taken out, so I phoned on Tuesday morning to find out the reason, to be told that we had not paid the January payment. Hubby went back to...
  10. P

    petrol strimmer nightmare!

    I am cooling off after over an hour of trying to work a petrol strimmer. Let me start to by stating that petrol strimmers were built for people over 6 feet tall - I am 5' 2 (on a good day) and the thing is too long - I end up ploughing not strimming. That would be if and when I got it started in...
  11. Lillylilly

    A Very Long Drive - Adventure or Nightmare?

    This is going to be a long drive for Father and Son - right through Turkey as well. Grounded! British schoolboy terrified of flying is stranded in Abu Dhabi for months... and now his father is bringing him back by road | Mail Online Hope this link works.
  12. I

    SGK Deregistration nightmare!

    Anyone leaving Turkey should take note of this: Today I went to the SGK with a letter from my lawyer saying I was going back to live in the UK and wanted to end my SGK registration and stop paying premiums. The SGK official printed out a long bill since January (or was it February) of seven...
  13. I

    Natwest headaches

    I am home at the moment to visit mum and to register the Enduring Power of Attorney over her bank account so I can pay her bills etc. She has her account with NatWest who were most unhelpful. They said it takes at least two weeks for the EPA to be registered as they have to make checks on me...
  14. perfect1949

    this must be the worst nightmare ever

    Michelina Lewandowska: Buried alive woman says Marcin Kasprzak 'told her he hated her' | Mail Online can't imagine what it must of been like to be buried alive . dave
  15. Freedom 49

    Nightmare on Efes Evleri

    Can anyone put me in the 'REAL picture' as to what is going on on Efes Evleri? I'll be up there again in a couple of weeks time and I'll go into the Belediye but even then I'm not guarateed the truth, am I? I've had phone calls and e.mails from both Turks & Non Turks living there. They tell me...
  16. teosgirl

    beach nightmare

    Hi, I've just been notified by the blue flag organisation representative of Turkey that my local beach will have its blue flag award removed for 10 days, due to the beach not meeting the required criteria. I sent a email to the international organisation on Sunday detailing some disturbing...
  17. K

    Elite Group Alanya - Nightmare

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else has had a nightmare experience with Elite Group Alanya? :crying: I recently paid them nearly 2 thousand euros to make sure my property in Konakli was repaired & cleaned ready for when I arrived for a family holiday. I have not visited for 18...
  18. richbake

    Nightmare at Dalaman airport

    Last Friday I was due to fly to Gatwick on the afternoon flight with Easy Jet. I was stopped at passport control by this jobsworth who then called customs. Why? In November I took my former street-dog by my car, bought at the Ortaca Fiat dealership, to her new home at my partner's house in...
  19. John O' Dreams

    Nuclear nightmare

    Japan's avoidable accidents make folly of nuclear energy clear JOHN VIDAL OPINION: There is no excuse for the latest nuclear nightmare The gung-ho nuclear industry is in deep shock. Just as it and its cheerleader, the International Atomic Energy Agency, were preparing to mark next month’s...
  20. E

    Nightmare scenario...

    According to the Times today, cocoa has trebled in price over the last decade, and for a number of reasons (political unrest, climate problems) stocks could be exhausted by 2014!! What should chocoholics do? Stockpile ( some are already doing it) or wean themselves off the dark bean?
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