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    Nightlife in Bodrum in February

    Hi, sorry if this question has already been asked on here but I just wanna ask does anyone know if there are any clubs that open all night in bodrum? Im going next week! Thanks for your help in advance xx bella
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    Altinkum Nightlife

    Hey, I'm a 17 year old Brit and coming to altinkum this summer with a mate and his parents. We are planning on partying at night and wondering is the nightlife good here? What are best clubs/bars? Are there any British or Irish bars? Are there many young Brits? Is English music played here and...
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    does nightlife exist in dalaman

    Can anybody tell if there are any pubs or clubs in dalamam if so are they any good .:36le:
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    nightlife in didim / altinkum

    Hope someone can help, my son and a couple of friends are coming over to stay in our appartment on the 20th Sept and want to know if there is any nightlife still on offer eg clubs similar to uk, and is there are re.asonable choice of bars. They are staying just outside Akbuk so please include...
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    Altinkum in last week of october

    We have just came back from altinkum this summer and met some great and caring people and would like to go again during the last week and half term of October, but there are some questions i wondered anybody could help us with: 1. What is the weather like? 2. Is it warm enough to swim in the...
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    Nightlife, etc.

    Hi, Some friends and I are taking a weeks holiday out in Bodrum in a couple ok weeks so I thought I'd get the lowdown on living costs, the price of alcohol and good places to go in town. Any help is greatly appreciated
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    i donna anything about this website! i dont even know where im posting this!!! but its very very important for me to know this! on 23rd of jan , rachaelstarr's going to perform in champagne club/istanbul. im plannin to attend but i dont know about the price, address and none of my frnds are...
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    Nightlife for older people?

    My parents fly over tomorrow, and though I've been there a few times, I am trying to come up with a few suggestions of where they could go for drinks, as I only know Bar St which I know they would have no interest in!! Any suggestions? They stay in Melissa Apartments!
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