1. S

    Night of wishes

    Laylat al-Raghaib: Muslims around the world gear up for Islam's Night of Wishes Since the Islamic calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon around the Earth, the dates of kandils change every year. (IHA Photo) Since the Islamic calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon...
  2. S

    northen soul night

    Hi All, We are back in Sarigerme this Thursday and in August we were in Dalyan for the night when I noticed a pub advertising a northern soul night on Thursdays I was just wondering if anyone knew if it will be on next Thursday 11th October. If not does anyone know anywhere that might be...
  3. suzyq

    Powerful storm to slam Turkey to Israel into Thursday night

    A large and powerful winter storm will unleash damaging winds, heavy rain and snow on parts of the Middle East from Turkey to Israel and Jordan. Turkey will endure the brunt of the wintry weather with much of the country getting at least some snowfall. Much of the western interior of the...
  4. juco

    Robins at night

    Over the least few nights I couldn't understand why birds were chirping throughout the night (after midnight) so I googled it and it turns out to be the Robins mating calls. Strange to hear this after midnight when it is dark. Nice though. Not my video clip.... City Birds Don't Sleep At Night...
  5. willip

    yet another wild Saturday night

  6. Yalides

    UK saturday night TV

    Wife says lets sit watch Tv tonight. OK says me, what`s on. Well there is strictly come dancing, xfactor or casualty. Sorry its back to the computer for me, not sitting and pretending to enjoy any of that sh*te.... Anyone feel the same as me.......:love:
  7. Freedom 49

    Wednesday Night is Quiz-Night!

    Hi, Just a quick one. Every Wednesday evening we have a Quiz-Night at The Flying Horse which is always enjoyable albeit various degrees of difficulty :confused: depending on our Quiz Master at the time. We have 6 or 7 different Quizmasters now, working on a rota, all with their own ways of...
  8. yalimart

    The night of the long knives

    November 22, 1990: Margaret Thatcher quits as Prime Minister after leadership challenge - BT Stabbed in the back by the grey men 24 years ago, I must have had some kind of celebration but I cant remember what I did. Martin
  9. T

    Happy Bonfire Night

    Let us put all petty political and religious bickering behind us and together celebrate our Protestant government's defeat of a Catholic plot to overthrow it. Set fire to Guido as we do every year!
  10. hijo

    our new kusadasi social club opening night..

    ...... A Great Night At The New Kusadasi Social Club,A Fantastic Turnout Great Entertainment ,Great Food ..And No Rip Off Prices For Drinks ,Well Done The Committee ,For Putting It All Together ......
  11. tomc1984

    Quiz night

    Quiz at Secret Garden postponed from summer will now take place next wednesday, 29th. October. Details of times and food choices to follow asap.
  12. bickern

    Paris for 80p a night?

    Paris is known as many things – a city of romance, fine restaurants, epic landmarks and grand architecture. But it all comes at a price, boasting some of the most expensive accommodation in the world. However, one hotel is hoping to change all that, by allowing holidaymakers to pay what they...
  13. A

    V50 Northern Soul/Motown Night Didim

    Due to doubt over the availability of the venue for 'Factor 50' Northern Soul/Motown Event, the Event will now take place at the Garden of Sun Hotel's Zaya Club Friday 25 July. UK Dj's Pete Eccles + Brent Howarth will be playing the best in Northern Soul/Motown. A Special Live Performance from...
  14. bickern

    Top 10 tips for new brides on their wedding night

    ‘Give little, give seldom, and above all, give grudgingly’. Sounds a laugh a minute, right?
  15. B

    Sophie's Bank Holiday weekend ''Party Night buffet'' and ''Birthday Celebration''

    Just seen this on Facebook............Sofi's restaurant is having a ''Welcome to Summer 2014'' Bank Holiday Extravaganza on Saturday, 24th May, at 7.30pm. All are welcome: Come in and join the party and have lots of fun with the staff. Please book your table in advance, 40tl per person = Hot &...
  16. F

    Hotel/Apt for family for 1 night at Start June ???

    Hi Folks, Have a place in Belek and will be there start of June. We wanted to return to Alanya for more than a day trip. We are 2 Adults & 3 Kids and im finding it difficult to find accomodation to fit us that isnt miles out. I have emailed Hotel Elysee on the beach and am waiting for a reply...
  17. M

    A night or two in Bodrum

    Hi everyone, I'm planning a bit of a road trip next week with some family (Dalaman to Ephesus and back), and am looking to spend a couple of days on the Bodrum peninsula en route. We have very little knowledge of this area - can anyone recommend a particular location to stay (ie, in the city...
  18. kemerkid

    Sunday night.

    So we are still left with an half hour on our hands till midnight, what’s next?
  19. Jaycey

    Late night owls

    How about a late night owls thread for when the forum quietens down a bit? Those of us who haven’t hit the sack yet or have got up ridiculously early can tell us about their day or what they plan to do the next day. Bitch about the wife, mods, Des, thumbs etc. PMs are OK but a group session...
  20. Yalides

    Twas the night before Christmas

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