1. Tenpin

    This has to be the most ridiculous Nigerian email scam of all time

    Please don't fall for this one. :bounce:
  2. HelenSnowball

    200 Nigerian girls to be released

    Hope this is true - Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls 'to be freed' after deal with Islamic fundamentalists Boko Haram who seized more than 200 teenagers | Daily Mail Online
  3. mollag

    Nigerian tribe in China

    I have proof of a little known tribe of Nigerians living in China, see as follows cos all my money problems are now over :42mb: Hello, I am Chio Hung attorney to my late client,who died in a car crash in London with family on November 5th 2001. He left a deposit of 9.8million pounds in a bank...
  4. C

    Nigerian Scam? ROLAS MARTIN

    Message for Emlaks! Sorry didn't know where to post We have received emails from a man called 'Rolas Martin' representing a rich Politician in Libya with 15m US Dollars to invest 'secretly' in Turkey! This guy has been pursuing us for a few months and most recently rang us from a mobile number...
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