1. Firefox

    Nigel V Nick

    England has been griped in the last week with the debate of these two political rivals, If you’ve been following the debates between Nigel Farce & Nick Egg who is best able to lead UK?
  2. Mushtaq

    BNP leader Nick Griffin declared bankrupt

    BNP leader Nick Griffin has been declared bankrupt - but will continue as a member of the European Parliament and run for re-election in May. A listing at the Insolvency Service website shows Nicholas John Griffin was declared bankrupt at Welshpool and Newtown County Court yesterday. The...
  3. N

    HI everyone (introducing Nick)

    Hi everyone, My wife & I (louisa) are hoping to be coming out to Yalikavik regularly. Louisa's father John bought off plan in the Bostanci Karia Homes development (I think it's called blue water??) back in 2005 / 2006. Without going into details we still haven't got the finished flat, but we...
  4. F

    nick name from waiters

    just returned from side and one of the lads working in the flying horse gave me a nickname of ,excuse the spelling but it was pronounced keltosh..every time i went in he said hello keltosh but wouldnt tell me what it meant.I get on well with them and visit about 4 times a yr so i wouldnt have...
  5. mollag

    Torba road nick

    Has anyone been down the Torba road from the airport end to Gumusluk lately? Just wondering what the state of the road is these days.
  6. Gamuret

    Nick Clegg's secret dream?

    Is Nick Clegg secretly hoping that this will be the result when the dust has settled? General Election 2010: History Of Election Results From 1832 to 2005 or even General Election 2010: History Of Election Results From 1832 to 2005 It is most interesting to note that in the early history...
  7. gerald

    Nick Campbell - includes adult swear words

    Beware Adult swear words included in clip YouTube -
  8. no-nem

    In the nick!!

    Today we went to the old bill in Kusadasi to re-new our residency, Now then many of you know that we have sold our house and 'camping' until in a few days moving to a friends house till we have built our own. I could not htink what address to give, as till a few days time we are really No-mads...
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