1. E

    You wonder why the nhs has no money

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7305221/Anger-locom-doctor-paid-500-000-years-work-cash-strapped-NHS-board.html Lets face it this is not something new i knew nurses 40 years ago getting crazy money ,and they said why work full time .
  2. bickern

    NHS would get MORE than the £350 a week

    THERESA May today promised the NHS would get MORE than the £350 a week promised on the bus during the referendum campaign. The under-fire Prime Minister told LBC listeners this morning she would go above and beyond the campaign vows made in 2016, and she "personally" understands fears that...
  3. Camden

    Happy Birthday NHS

    NHS may have its faults but we all would certainly miss it if we didn't have it , a credit to the UK ... So a big thanks to all who have worked for the NHS over the 70 years and to the people still working in it. :474cu: https://www.nhs70.nhs.uk/
  4. yalimart


    The NHS is safe in our hands. Ambulance delays at Accident & Emergency 'increase sharply' Ambulance delays at Accident & Emergency 'increase sharply' Is it time to introduce a kind of speedy boarding fee similar to the easy jet model ? Whereby those who pay extra turn left on boarding whilst...
  5. suzyq

    New NHS rules for foreign visitors

    New rules have come into force that require all providers of treatment on the NHS to establish if patients are eligible for free care as part of efforts to tackle health tourism. Read more: Foreign visitors could face upfront NHS charges under new rules | Daily Mail Online Follow us...
  6. mollag

    NHS birth.

    This today from the first child born of the NHS , very poignant when you consider the slow demolition of this system which WAS the envy of the world, even the USA envied what we had and seem now to want to destroy. :38: 69 years ago at 12.01am I was born . So was our National Health Service .As...
  7. bickern

    NHS services hit in global cyber-attack

    Theresa May confirms ransomware attack is part of wider international incident as IT systems that underpin patient safety are compromised The NHS has been hit as part of a global cyber-attack that threw hospitals and businesses in the UK and around the world into chaos. The unprecedented...
  8. the bueman

    Health Tourism puts drain on UK NHS

    BBC news report claiming that if someone holidaying in UK is admitted to A&E and treated in A&E then discharged they are afforded treatment back in their own country and the UK NHS gets billed for their ongoing treatment even though they are back home.....unbelievable if true. MPs warn health...
  9. christella


    NHS is struggling but now they want to upgrade houses of Parliament cost 4 BILLION POUNDS WHO PAYS THE F-----ING TAX PAYER
  10. T

    NHS & Social Care in Crisis!

    Should UK spend significant amounts of the 'Foreign Aid Budget' on our ill & elderly? Having been subjected to the trauma of SS & LA Vulture Culture that has become prevalent over the last few years & looking at the obscene waste of billions given to crackpot schemes & Governments, the only...
  11. juco


    Is it no wonder we cant afford it and it is crumbling. Southern Health boss Katrina Percy had new job 'created for her' - BBC News
  12. RedBloodedHound

    NHS to charge Ex-Pats?

    Overseas patients face charges for emergency healthcare - BBC News Quote; "All visitors to the UK and British expats are charged 150% of the cost of non-emergency NHS treatment in order to discourage people travelling to the UK just to use health services - so-called "health tourism". Quote...
  13. Yalides

    Ecigs on the NHS ?

    NHS should give out free e-cigarettes says Public Health England | Daily Mail Online What kind of dipstick dreamed up this scheme ?......:crazy:
  14. bickern

    Government U-turn on NHS access for expats

    A promise made less than two years ago to enhance rights to NHS care for Britons overseas has vanished and been replaced by a punitive surcharge. Millions of British expats have been denied access to NHS care which they were promised before the election. Changes designed to end “health...
  15. B

    General Election and the NHS

    How many staff does the NHS need? - BBC News Before the General Election, I think that this is an article that politicians of all persuasions should read. Bill.
  16. juco

    NHS extra tax to fund it.

    Am I the only one but I DO NOT support paying extra taxes to support the NHS, what I want is for this or the next government to get its house in order so we can allocate the necessary funding. There are many areas they could save money and use it towards the NHS, in my opinion asking for extra...
  17. Yalides

    Party political NHS stance

    Polls suggest the NHS will be the key issue in the next election. Let's hear some party policies: Labour: "NHS! Our NHS! Your NHS! My NHS! NHS!" Conservatives: "..... I'm with BUPA." Lib Dems: "I of course, firmly support the NHS ever since I made up my mind about it last week. But it's so...
  18. C

    A Little Clarity on Who Pays for NHS Services

  19. juco

    Get some decent buyers to negotiate. NHS

    BBC.... Its about time we had some people that know how to negotiate and get the price paid for these drugs reduced, it is well known that the mark up for drug companies in many cases is 1000%. Does the government never question what and why they pay so much. There is so much corruption within...
  20. T

    The NHS

    Here we go.......... New head of UK's NHS is/was a Civil servant & spent the last 10 years as president of a USA Private Health Company............ The papers are highlighting a position he held as a Hospital Porter... probably did this between terms at Balloil College Oxford! Does his...
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