1. bickern

    50 journalists fired from Zaman newspaper

    Fifty journalists from the Zaman newspaper and Cihan News Agency were laid off on Friday after the media outlets were taken by the government in early March under accusation of supporting a "terrorist organisation". According to Zekai Ozcinar, Zaman’s news coordinator in Ankara, trustees whom...
  2. bal canavar


    I was perplexed :hmm: by Erdogan complaining about the West's , lack of defence of Democracy, Justice and the rule of law, in not coming to the aid of the democratically elected ex Egyptian President in regards the Eygptian military regime's death sentence on Morsi . Whilst I have...
  3. Spurs

    Which newspaper?

    Of all the newspapers on sale, which is the most balanced? I buy one per week which is on Saturday for the TV guide, the rest of the week its on the net. Its as though if you buy the Express your "this" & if you buy the Mail your "that", so whats the best newspaper to buy?
  4. B

    Old Newspaper Archives

    Hi I'm looking for sites with old newspaper archives for Turkey. Would any members be able to help? Thanks
  5. bal canavar

    Liberal Newspaper Persecution

    The liberal daily newspaper Taraf is the latest business to be subjected to revenge by politically inspired Tax Audit. The newspaper is known to be critical of the present government. It has joined the list of businesses that have had a politically inspired inspection from the Tax...
  6. Ms Who

    New English Newspaper

    The guys at the paper asked me to pass on this info and invitation. Didim Gündem is the local paper that has been keeping the people of Didim informed for over a decade. When you look at Didim today it is amazing to see its growth in such a short period of time. Once the property market was...
  7. Sha Hoorsur

    The Sun newspaper.

    The Sun, and the Sunday Sun. I have started this thread to avoid digression on another posting. I am at a total loss to understand how anyone with even a modicum of conscience can lower their standards of decency, and actually buy this wretched publication. They have attempted to, and indeed...

    Main SGK/Yabanci Thread

    Yesterday while chatting to Sarah at the Ozel Hospital [Bodrum],she said her sidekick Deniz was reading the Hurriyet online & told her about an article on there about Yabanci's having to pay a monthly fee ,[as in the old UK national insurance], for services via the Devlet hospitals.I was told...
  9. Yalides

    Your favourite newspaper

    The Daily Mail comes in for a lot of stick these days from forum members so what is your favourite reading. The Mail and the Telegraph are mine. The lefty rags are poor quality toilet paper IMO.
  10. V

    Voices Newspaper.......

    Voices Newspaper - Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - is happy to announce that it has integrated a local multi-media ad and marketing agency into its operation. It means that we can provide for your all business needs - business cards, pens, hats, key fobs, T-shirts, mugs, cans, menus...
  11. Wardentree

    Who said there were no good story’s in the newspaper anymore!

    PERTH - An SAS trooper collecting toys for children was stabbed when he helped stop a suspected shoplifter in east Perth. The 'Toys-R-Us' Store Manager told 'The West Australian' that man was seen on surveillance cameras last Friday putting a laptop under his jacket at the store. When...
  12. shirleyanntr

    are you a newspaper snob

    We often get digs about the different papers that people read.:kitapoku:.and condescension if it happens to be the Daily Mail.:hand:.or god help you..the Star.:bolt: some people like to drop hints that they wouldnt read anything but The Telegraph:nerd: or The Times as if this is a testament to...
  13. F

    The Alanya Times - Local Newspaper in English

    :hearnoevi:hearnoevi:24::24::thanks::thanks:Hi, After a long break The Alanya Times is back for good! The first issue is out on March 11. You will be able to find it at news agents and restaurants from Gazipaşa to Belek. Please let us know if you experience any difficulty finding a copy. We...
  14. culturevulture

    voices newspaper

    I am trying to access this weeks addition of Voices Newspaper online. This has never been a problem, but for some reason all I am getting is the January 22nd edition. Have they not been printing or am I doing something wrong? :bowl: :help: Mary.
  15. Squeaky

    Hürriyet Newspaper

    Good evening: There has been discussions previously about the political slant of various Turkish English language newspapers. This is a link to an article concerning the history of the Hurriyet newspaper - Sometimes Hürriyet means endless freedom to lie and incite This newspaper has been the...
  16. R

    English Marmaris newspaper?

    Is there an english Marmaris Newpaper, and where can I buy it if so?
  17. F

    The Alanya Times Newspaper

    Hi, Due to winter months we will be publishing The Alanya Times newspaper on a monthly baisis. There will be 2 issues coming up in December, first one is out 1st of December and another one which will be a Christmas issue on the 15th of December. Thereafter 1st of each month until April. The...
  18. F

    Where to find The Alanya Times newspaper?

    Hello, These are the places you can pick up a copy of The Alanya Times newspaper If you can't find the shop near you on this list please let us know. Avsallar Hatipoğlu General Store Gusto Restaurant Konaklı Oba Patisseri Denmar Market Alanya Kleopatra Supermarket (Opposite Kleopatra Beach)...
  19. F

    Alanya times English newspaper

    Hello, My name is Feriha and I'm the editor of The Alanya Times newspaper. The newspaper comes out every Thursday. You can find it at your local news agents and restaurants. I just have finished the 6th issue today. Its relatively new and it has a big potential. If you can't find the news paper...
  20. J

    alanya times great local newspaper

    hi picked up the Alanya Times, good paper for us brits out here, lots of news, helpful tips, there was a piece in there that they have opened a new clinic in Mahmutlar, it's an up and coming place. jazmine
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