1. bickern

    latest Consulate Newsletter is available to view online

    The latest Consulate Newsletter is available to view online ISSUU - UkinTurkey Newsletter December 2013 by ukinturkey ukinturkey Nothing earth shattering but worth the read.
  2. bickern

    Latest Embassy Newsletter

    Latest Newsletterfrom Ankara ISSUU - Ukinturkey newsletter Sept 2013 by ukinturkey ukinturkey
  3. bickern

    BRITISH Embassy quarterly newsletter

    In order to get your newsletter emailed to you, just send your email address to THE BRITISH Embassy has launched a quarterly newsletter to keep 40,000 expats living in Turkey up to date with issues relating to them. The UKinTurkey newsletter has been launched...
  4. shirleyanntr

    animal rights newsletter

    i get the animal rights Turkish newsletter hayvan hakkları federasyon...every month..and thought some of you may be interested HAYTAP - Hayvan Hakları Federasyonu this is one of the articles there which is about the 9 day holiday.the headline says..your holiday our disaster Sizin...
  5. shirleyanntr

    independent living newsletter

    i get this newsletter sent via email regularly and thought some of you might find it interesting. ive had a bad arm for months now did Pipermam and Valian ..i hope they are better ..mine is just as bad..and i know its spending too long periods on the pc but at the moment i have no...
  6. KKOB

    The Pebble Jackson Project (PJP) - Newsletter

    In order to ensure that everyone's aware of the progress of the PJP we'll be using this thread exclusively to advise members of the progress that we're making. The thread has been made "sticky" and will be closed to all other comments. If anyone else has any news to add to this thread please...
  7. D

    Bodrum Bulletin - A Free Newsletter for the Bodrum Peninsular

    Happy New Year! I just wanted to inform you of a new FREE electronic newsletter that covers news, events and more across the Bodrum Peninsular. Whether you live on the peninsular permanently, or have a holiday home, it’s full of information which we hope you’ll find useful. Please take a look...
  8. shirleyanntr

    alanya newsletter

    Here is a pasting of the monthly alanya can get it by subscribing on thier website Apologies for the late arrival of the newsletter this month. The Info Calendar is now in eight languages which we hope will benefit you all when looking for ‘what’s on’ during your visit to...
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