1. K

    Fake News.

    If you can't find positive news, just make it up! This is an amazing story. Worth a read.
  2. E

    I think bad news for Bodrum and Mugla

    The president has decreed in Mugla and Bodrum land of over one million one hundred thousand square Mt's on the sea front at Ortakent Bodrum can be built on. Where is it going to stop. Cumhuriyet daily news..
  3. E

    Alanya news good or bad

    5 star hotels caught with fake drink in Serik a district of Alanya. Shooting in Konakli 1dead one in hospital.
  4. mollag

    Any news ?

    From Turg ? there have been major demolitons I hear, just wondering how the place is looking? :hmm:
  5. IbrahimAbi

    News priorities

    It is a pretty poor state of affairs when I have to scroll way down the guardian International news page to read about 40 people being killed in a truck bomb in Syria yesterday. It was more or less at the same height as the 'Oscars' Shame on the Guardian, what has happened to our sense of...
  6. jandj

    Very sad news

    Absolutely devastated. A very sad day today. After 7 years of medical training and hard work, a very good friend of mine has been struck off after one minor indiscretion and why during this terrible time? He slept with one of his patients (they were good friends) and can now no longer work in...
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Positive Corona crisis news

    I know we have several corona threads going but did not want to spoil the factual side of the main one. Let's post a few 'Community at its best' stories to cheer us up. Unfortunately they won't deliver to Turkey. Accrington-based Holland's Pies has announced they will be making five pie drops...
  8. ted j

    Turkey related news

    Apparently a jet broke in 2 at Istanbul airport Also there has been an avalanche in the city of Van, 34 killed
  9. mollag

    More bad news for UK Democracy

    What,? no public vote ? Bastar6s :blink:
  10. mollag

    Non Brexit news

    In out, in out, Elphicke charged in court
  11. S

    Wanted: Good news

    Just hoping some TLFers may have some good news to share.... please. I need some positivity in my reading.
  12. suecheshireuk

    Latest news regarding getting a Turkish driving licence.

    I'm afraid I don't have a link but I have taken this information from elsewhere. To get a Turkish driving licence, you take a written exam in English, which is done online in Mugla (this is for this area obviously) education dept. You will be given a course book and a web link to study for the...
  13. bickern

    News about Britain’s economy you might not have heard

    Britain is, of course, in a Brexit-driven recession of its own making, while other EU countries are powering on ahead without us. Or so we keep being told. The ideas is that we are distancing ourselves from European markets – and concerned manufacturers will move production to factories...
  14. IbrahimAbi

    Breaking News - 8-story building in Istanbul collapsed

    Casualties have been reported after an 8-story building in Istanbul collapsed. Scores of firefighters, police and medical personnel are currently at the scene for rescue mission. 8-story building in Istanbul collapses - Turkey News
  15. mollag

    Turkish fake news ?

    Ok, now they say that the dreaded Ergenekon secret conspiracy group doesn't exist! despite gaoling so many members, but, wait for it, it was all made up by, you'll never guess , the dreaded Gulen :happy: You couldn't make it up, Oh, hang on :noidea...
  16. juco

    Fake news

    Watch the 2 guys in the background! Is it no wonder we cant trust the media. Weather channel drama - YouTube
  17. mollag

    BBC news

    Not that I'm paranoid, but my BBC news page is saying unavailable, will this be down to Erdogan or Gulen ?
  18. mollag

    Happy news

    I like this, considering the service and sacrifice that the sikh community have given our country during numerous conflicts, it is good to see our Brass hats have the consideration to go with the turban, I mean, they did wear them in the trenches as well :cheers...
  19. Sweetnighter

    Sandima village..... In the news

    .....just read in Hurriyet Daily News. Well done to all those who brought it to public attention.... Bodrum?s 600-year-old Sand?ma village abandoned to meet its fate
  20. L

    News for golfers in Bodrum

    The golf course in Camlik outside Bodrum, is now open. At least the first 9 holes. Perhaps not the very best course, but 100 TRY for 9 holes, and 150 TRY for two rounds. I heard it will be 18 holes this summer.
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