1. H

    Turkish Lessons for Newcomers and Expats in Istanbul

    Are you planning a trip to Turkey and wish to have a more authentic experience? Have you relocated to Turkey and wish to develop your Turkish language skills? Have you always wanted to speak and read Turkish, or do you wish to brush up on what you already know?Start lessons with me now and get...
  2. K

    Newcomers To Yalikavak

    HI All New to this forum and wanted to see is any of the forum regulars could sell Yalikavak to us as our holiday destination for next year (believe it or not!!).We are a family of four our children being 14 and 12.Wandering what the resort has to offer for us.We like the the boat trips but do...
  3. B


    Hi, we're Ian and Claire and have bought an apartment from Odek in Olive Tree which should be ready at the end of June. Finding this Forum has been great because it has answered so many of our questions - so thank you. Great tips about mossie blinds - I really hadn't thought about these and...
  4. Mushtaq

    Newcomers & Oldtimers - please read

    We have new members joining on daily basis, usually because they have a question to ask or looking for information on Turkey. A lot of time new members are not computer experts and maybe it's the first forum they have used so don't know how things work and how to find the information they are...
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