1. D

    A visa/RP question for a newcomer

    İ have lived in Turkey for many years so this isnt for me!!!..İ have a friend and she is thinking of coming for a year on a sabatical and İ am wondering how to advise her. She went to the embassy in london and it advised her she needs to prove 14k gbp of income for one year.....firstly, i know...
  2. Mikailicim


    Hi I'm Michael, it's the at English & German and "Turkce Mikailicim" :) I'm from Side. Greetings to all.
  3. Scope254

    Hi from another Newcomer

    Thought I'd better formally say hello as I've been reading the threads for a few weeks now and already feel that I know some of the regulars. I'm based in Croydon, Surrey and live with my hubby and two cats. I've been to Turkey several times but must admit the last was about 10 years ago - I'm...
  4. T

    Hello,i am a newcomer to tlf

    Hi to all.....bear with me as i am not so clued up on tlf but am not new to Turkey.I had been coming with my family to Turkey for holidays for years and decided to move here 4yrs ago.I am married with 4 children,we all moved to the Alanya area with my mother inlaw.We have made some lovely...
  5. K

    Hi from a newcomer!

    Hi, I am a newcomer to the TLF although i have lived in Yalikavak permanently for nearly two years with my man (sorry for not getting involved sooner!!). We are both English people who just love Turkey! I love meeting people with similar interests to myself. My interests include, walking...
  6. S


    Hi all, I'm a Turkish in Bristol who moved couple of months ago due to marriage and missing Turkey a lot, especially in the summer time! I lived in İstanbul for 12 years for study and work and I was in Kusadasi for 6 months just before moving to UK. Although I love these two places my dream is...
  7. C


    Hi everyone, Just found this website. We purchased at Royal Blue in Dec. '08 through Prime, due for completion June '09. We are in Block 1, First Floor. Didn't get a chance to take ANY photos when we were there (battery ran out) so would be grateful for any that anyone could forward. The...
  8. D

    Newcomer looking for turkish teacher

    Merhaba, Nasilsin? Hi everyone I have just signed up, my wife and I have a place in Dalyan and hope to move there in a few years. We live in Lisburn near Belfast Northern ireland. Does anybody know of a good turkish teacher who can come and give us Turkish lessons? Hoscakal Dave
  9. T


    Hello all, I have just joined this forum, I have lived in the Gocek area for nearly 6 years. It is hoped that I may gain lots of useful information from this site and that any of my input will be useful :cheers:
  10. T

    newcomer - terry and sue

    hi everybody sue and myself have lived in Kent UK for 20 years and have just bought an apartment in Fethiye for our own use and letting possibly later. Any news of the area eg the Gocek Tunnel, the new winter opening of Dalaman airport and its international status would be welcomed. We bought...
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