1. mollag

    Coals to Newcastle.

    I wonder if they noticed the amount of solar water heating panels in use on the Bod peninsula? Hundreds of thousands i would reckon, providing fuel free hot water to so many. Is the idea now to remove them, replace them with solar electric then heat your water with electricity? Seems...
  2. tomc1984

    Flying Newcastle to Bodrum

    Just discovered there will no longer be any direct flights from newcastle to bodrum after this season. Both Thomas Cook and Jet2 appear to have pulled out, been confirmed by TC but seems same with Jet 2.
  3. J

    Freeman Hospital Newcastle

    I love you so much. All the people that work there. My daughter was referred there recently under the 14 day Cancer suspected nasty tumour. You have hugged her, uplilifted her, and finally come up up with some good news on her rare tumour. We can now go forward in your caring hands. Please...
  4. M

    Flights from Newcastle 24thsept

    Hi everyone please feel free to delete if not allowed but I have 2 one way tickets with one bag from Newcastle to bodrum on 24th sept if anyone interested,excellent times,flying at 7 in morning.i am wanting £60 for both seats and buyer to pay name change ( I haven't a clue how to do it) ! The...
  5. J

    Shopping in Newcastle

    Newcastle Unites against Pegida demonstration backed by unions from across the country - Chronicle Live Having just arranged to go shopping in Newcastle next Saturday I discover this. So this demonstration is going ahead along with a counter demonstration with such notables as Russell Brand and...
  6. M

    Turkish Language Course in Newcastle

    Hi Everyone, I've been looking for a Turkish Language course in North East England for many months without success. But just this week I found out The Language Centre in Newcastle (Pilgrim Street) was due to start a 10 week level one course. However due to only one person enrolling the course...
  7. C

    Newcastle flights

    Hi all does anybody know of any flights to Newcastle from Bodrum,I am planning a 3 week trip from 3rd September,I live in Izmir but I don't think you can fly to Newcastle from here,I'd rather not go to Manchester if I can help it,thank you,regards can1
  8. O

    Turkish Lessons Newcastle or Durham

    When not in Dalyan for our six or so weeks a year, we live near Newcastle/Durham in North East England. I was wondering if anyone offered Turkish Lessons in the area? I have started some audio/book lessons but nothing is as good as proper face-to-face learnig for languages of course. Any...
  9. P

    Bodrum to Manchester or Newcastle

    :clap::44:Hi , has anybody got a flight ticket for one person, only one way from Bodrum to either Manchester, Newcastle for sale, departing in the next week or so please, for friend of ours. Thanks x:44:
  10. keny

    Flights for Sale: Newcastle

    Hello All, We have 2 return flights with flythomascook for sale. Bodrum to Newcastle, 17 October. £25 each.Please pm me if anyone is interested.Thanks.
  11. keny

    flights for sale:bodrum to newcastle

    We have 2 return flights going out on 5th Sept.We paid £324 for but will accept any reasonable offer.There will be a £20 name change charge this can be done in turkey at the bodrum office.Please PM me if you are interested.Thank you.
  12. Helenm150

    Newcastle to Bodrum Return Flight

    Hi there everyone, It may be a little short notice but if anyone is thinking of coming out to Bodrum at the end of this month, I have a spare Newcastle to Bodrum return airline ticket with Thomas Cook which includes 20kg luggage allowance and in-flight meals for sale for £120 (including cost of...
  13. Martyn

    Keegan awarded damages against Newcastle

    Read all about it here.
  14. debmax Newcastle to Dalaman

    An article in this evenings paper states this new route to start May 2010 Prices to start at £60 one-way... No good for me as I need Bodrum, but may help some of you. Cheers Debra
  15. stephenbrown

    The Newcastle messiah

    Alan Shearer took the managers job at Newcastle United yesterday! Along with Ian Dowie as assistant...they hope to keep the Toon army in the premiership. At present they are in the drop zone 3rd from bottom with 29 points...and only 8 games left to turn their fortunes round. Chelsea...
  16. M

    3 return tickets Newcastle to Bodrum reduces to £100

    These tickets are now reduced to £100 plus name change. Originally £148 each. Depart 31st May for 2 weeks PM for further details
  17. M

    Newcastle to Bodrum return flights for sale

    3 return flights Newcastle to Bodrum 31st May for 2 weeks £178 plus name change. PM me for further details Mandy
  18. tomc1984

    Turkish lessons for anyone near Newcastle

    Turkish lessons begin next week in Newcastle for anyone interested. This is a 10 week course on a Monday from 6p.m. Cost is £72 for the course. I know of some people who have done and enjoyed this. I am thinking of enrolling myself. URGENT though, you need to enrol by tomorrow or they will pull...
  19. B

    Taking coals to newcastle

    I know you can get most things in turkey but are you allowed to take such as bacon, cheese & tins of cornbeef in your hand liggage? I have not seen good bacon stilton cheese or tins of corn beef in the super markets. Also my wife would like to know if you can get baking flour in yalikavak...
  20. C

    Newcastle to Dalaman cheap Easter flight

    check out for cheap return flights from newcastle to dalaman on 21 march for a week... fantastically cheap at £113 return per person (add on a bit more if you want full 20 kilos of luggage each way) Amazing value especially when you think of much a train ticket costs in...
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