1. M

    Newbies to Forum

    Hi everyone, We first came to Altinkum in 2001 when our kids were very young and couldn't believe how friendly and hospitable the locals were. It was the end of the season and we were worried they would be fed up with tourists by then, but they weren't at all! Our love for Turkey and the area is...
  2. P

    newbies in Dalyan

    me and my husband ; have recently moved to dalayan area in ; march . so far enjoying ourselves . weather has been a bit nutty . their having better weather back in england . so far we havnt ventured to far out of our comfort zone . but am getting restless ; any recomendations of places to visit...
  3. Toxteth

    Advice needed for newbies...;-)

    (Old)Beginners in Yalikavak… In September we are coming for the first time to our villa in Yalikavak, after buying it in July this year, we were there once already but just for a few days during the purchase process. Being new to Turkey we would appreciate to get some practical advice/help...
  4. I


    Hello all Newbies here from Icmeler/UK. Anglo Turkish couple, married nearly 6 yrs. Part own/run a restaurant in Icmeler in the summer, and head back to UK for the winter. Have cleared it with Admin here (thank you!) as we've joined to be able to post an advert for the sale of our Restaurant...
  5. T

    More newbies here - but wanting to sell up :-(

    Hi there all, my wife Rahme and I, have a small apartment in a nice new very small block of just 6 in Calis Beach. We bought it new around 2 years ago, but we think we may now sell it . Our builders ( Sevenhills Estates, owned and run by Efendi Alaskan ) have been "managing" things but our...
  6. W

    Hi Newbies Here!

    Good morning all, we're new to the site and flying out to Bodrum on Monday 19th May we own properties in Gumusluk, and will be spending 4 weeks out there. looking forward to making new aquaintances. Anyone available for a meet up? Wazak1945
  7. B

    more newbies

    :3: Hi, we came upon this site by accident too and it looks as if there are quite a few of us awaiting info about ufuk hillside. We bought up there this year, january. A lot of what we have read tonight are the sorts of things we have been asking ourselves. And a lot of things have been...
  8. gus

    newbies have arrived

    Hi All, Just a quick one to introduce ourselves- Gus and Zeycan. A colleague who recently purchased property in Turkey gave me this website, and it was exactly what I was after. Advice from people who have been there and got the T-shirt, and with that wonderful Turkish hospitality now part of...
  9. B

    Hi from Newbies Bob&Jan :D

    Hi Everyone looks great here :Dsorry to bother you but we are new to this:confused:we would like to move to turkey and live there on a permanant basis we are in a good financial position to do so at the moment providing we work a part time job there now i am told that to obtain a work permit is...
  10. madturkishcow

    Newbies in the wood pile!

    I appear to have a rash of people popping up and annoucing themselves over the last few days. I am not sure if it is anything to do with the 'Free' Efes on offer or not :kafa: but if I have missed you and I think I may have done......or you joined before the bar opened then a very warm welcome...
  11. Anne

    Welcome to all you newbies

    A warm welcome to all the new members on the forum. I've not had much of a chance to visit recently and to go around you all would take an age. Am busy catching up with 13 pages of postsings:36: so guess I'll be around for a while yet. Looking forward to being an active member again:lol: Anne
  12. Anne

    Hello to all you newbies

    A warm welcome to all you newbies who've joined this wonderful forum while I've been lazing around in Turkey these past two weeks. Anne
  13. S

    more newbies

    welcome to the following: kevd graham PhilCo Gurcan Construction Lizzie mjalja behnoush videomike parky1056 murdo some of whom have already made their first posts, those that haven't please don't be shy , tell us about yourself, your interests in turkey etc Paul
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